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Reply Regarding Alaksa Mosque

Hakim again written about subject he does not know much about because he isnot Muslim. Alaksa Mosque is place of God worship originally built by Jacobson of Ibrahim to worship and pray one God the lord of heaven and earth theLord of Ibrahim. this place you can call it Mosque or temple or house ofGod. This place remain importent place because it is second place on earthafter Kaba to be built only to pray God. After Jewish people left area ofAlsham and migrate to Egypt at the time of profit Jousef (yousef) thatmosque remain in palastein while Jewish people live in Egypt. When God askJewish people to move to palastein again at time of profit Moses (mussa)around 400 years after the Alaksa Mosque built. The Jewish people migrate topalestine and as sign of love the House of God (alaksa mosque) the prophet(king) Soleman enlarge the building and they call it (Temple). This remainthe same place of worship one God (allah) as building this place expose todistraction many times during the war and rebulit again and destraction.Like Kaba which are bulit very long time ago and exposed to many destructionand rebulit but God (allah) still call it first place bulit for worship himthat is because of the base of the buliding was the same and the spot thesame and the reasone for buliding the same. Alaksa Mosque or the Temple arebuilt to worship God by any people who beleive in one God it is not bulitspecifically for Jewish or muslim and palestine are land God gave to theJewish people at that time to live side by side with the original people ofthat land (the Kanani people) and not to replace them. But the jewish peopledisopeied God (allah) order. Even during time when Jewish people lived inIsreal (palaestine) at time of King david and soleman there was non Jewishliving with them. At time of prophet Mohamed the Muslim respect the Temple orAlaksa mosque as place of God worship and never claim it as Muslim buliding.(Like Alkaba was bulit by Prophet Ibrahim but the Jewish people never claimAlkaba as thier own buliding despit the fact that Ibrahim are thier father).When muslims conquer (open) Palestine they left all Jewish people who live inPalestine to remain Jewish and they have not destract thier place ofworship. The Jewish and muslim remain living side by side in paces. Themuslim as sign of respect to second the place built for God worship theydecided to rebulit it and they bulit Alaksa mosque to worship one God thesame God of Ibrahim, Jacob, Yousef, Moses, Jesus and mohamed. If the Jewishpeople want to pray one God in Alaksa Mosque there is no problem. AlaksaMosque and Alkaba are buliding bulit with stones can be destroyed andrebuilt. the holy thing is the fact that in those places some one has builtplace for God worship at very difficult time and very difficult condition.Arab and Jewish people are in despute not because of Alaksa mosque butbecause of Land despute which could happen at any place on earth. Why Jewishpeople have not tried to form thier own country long time before like at thetime of Tatar or during Salebeen occupation of Palestine. That is becauseJewish people were actually friends with arabs and muslims and fought togatherthier common enemy that happen in Andalosy (spain) and even in LIBYA many ofLibyan Jews fought with Arab Muslims the Italian occupation of Libya. Sowhat happen in Palestine now has nothing to do with religion it is a landdespute. And I ask the muslim if Jewish people destroy Alaksa Mosque andrebuilt the Temple in it is place to ask the UN for half of the new buildingto use it as Mosque. This new building they still can call it Alaksa Mosqueas long as it is in the same spot and for God worship.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mohammed

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