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Digging Up For Slur

I feel sorry for Bou-Jenah and his comrades they are wasting their energy and other people energy as well. Clearly, Mr. Bou-Jenah and his comrades are determined and are trying very hard to find Islam and its civilization (humanity best ever produced) at fault by digging up Islamic texts books and ahadeeth without using any scientific method tools.

It is understandable for any person with predisposition of hatred to be subjective and not objective.

This week Bou-Jenahs cartoon demonstrated this argument. If he did any simple reading in Biochemistry, Genetics or Molecular Biology he would be amazed (rather than amused) how those branches of science developed several centuries after the death of the Prophet Mohamed (May be peace be upon him) and still the Prophet has implied in this Hadeeth how a recessive gene could express its trait. The expression of a recessive gene is low but is not impossible. That is what the scientific community is telling us now (it seems Mr. Bou-Jenah is several centuries behind). Although I have training in this field more than 25 years but any one who is interested in this field can find these information in any high school biology book

My humble advice for Mr. Bou-Jenah and his team is to use their energy to undertake the real problem of our society face. We have many problems such as lack of democracy and human rights, and how to get rid of repressive regimes. We should bridge the community not to divide it. We should address how to build democracy within ourselves by starting to respect each other. Even we think the other side are stupid or even have no brains we should still have little respect for them. We lived in the West for so many years and still we did not learn how to respect each other. Please grow up for the sake of our community. If we were arrogant and we will not deal with the other side until we change their belief then we will dig ourselves into a hole rather than dig up into Islamic texts and its history for slur because you will not change their peoples belief.

Almighty Allah (all praise to him) has created people differently and no one can compel mankind into one belief.

Allah said in Surat Yunus:

[Yusufali 10:99] If it had been thy Lord's will, they would all have believed, - all who are on earth! wilt thou then compel mankind, against their will, to believe!

Abdulmoneim Tabuni

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