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Islam Practice Increased Exponentially In Libya

People who say that the Libyan govenment is against Islam are dead wrong. They are trying to use religion (as all fundamentalists/Terrorists) try to advance their anti-progress crooked agenda.

More Libyans than ever are now going to mosques. Almost 100% of women in Libya dress very conservatively. Even little school girls are dressing in a way very consistent with islamic attarire for adult women. I think it is fair to say that most Libyans are practicing their Islaamic faith than ever. True Muslims are happy. They have self-esteem. They have self-satisfaction.

The following are some of the conclusions that come to the logical, fair and balanced minds:

First: The Libyan leadreship is doing something very nobel and great for its people. They are encouraging faith; they are encouraging prayer; they are providing a leadership that is fit for faithful mind.

Second: Most Libyans, or at least the the 99% Islam-practincing people, are happy. They have strong faith that keeps them focused on what is important for a happy life.

Third: Libyan people are good people. They believe in Allah. They believe in peace. They want to work hand in hand with their leaders to build a great country.

Forth: Libya's leadership is one of the greatest for the Muslim world. It creates an enviroment that encourages people to openly practice thier faith. Libyan's charities to people world-wide has increased and is popular among deprived people world-wide.

That is the truth. I know it will be hard for the mentally-challenged to accept. It will be even harder for the so-called Libyan "opposition" groups to come to terms with.

The truth is a good thing. Let's use it once in a while. Telling lies all the time is boring reading material. After so much of boring lies, most people will look for something different. They may just run into the TRUTH and LIKE it.


Electrical Engineer
Tripoli, Libya

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