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Reply To Hakim

Dear Mr Hakim,

Here is reply to your qustion;
1- Prophet Mohamed was not sure about what happen to Aisha as He dose not know the unknown (Gaib) so He decided to send her to her father`s home and he has not divorced her.
2- About the second qustion it is about story which has not been proven to be true even if it is in Bokari book. and you can not prove it is true.(I beleive in Allah and Quran and not in story).
3- Regarding killing childern of 10 years old logically I do not think prophet Mohamed who the Quran ask him to tell other people to cover thier private part will came and expose the private part of other childern (it is like the story of prophet Moses running behind stone necked to prove he had no illness in his skin which are also illogic story).
4- About what is the employment of prophet Mohamed this is modern Question about old event because at the time of prophet Mohamed people used to do many jobs and also thier need are very simple people can survive on little thing.
5-The Qusion why Aisha has been to Camel battel (Mawqeat Aljamal) I do not think any person can ansuwer this Qustion because simply it is Aisha only can answer this Question as Allah told all prophet Mohamed`s wife if they disobey Allah He will punish them twice as he punish any other women this mean they are ordernary women can make mistake look to prophet Noah wife she made mistake but best who could ansuwer the qustion is Aisha herself.
6- You descrip event when Omer ben alkatab has ask women to remove thier Hejab first this also story which could be true and could be false second there time during Tawaf around Qaba in Hajj women not allowed to cover thier face third Omer is human been and he can make mistake.
7- Regarding what happen to Jewsh people of Bany Qurida prophet Mohamed already ask them to became muslim since he arrive to Almadena and even some of them became muslim like Abdullah ben Salam who is the most prominent Jewsh but most of them chose to have agrement with prophet Mohamed and stay in thier Jewesh on the Battle of alahzab (Ghazwat Alahzab) the Jew break the agrement and make helped the enmy of profit mohamed so when the war was over he surround them untile they agree with one of thier friend to give verdict about them profit mohamed agree and they agree that person (like jury) has roled to kill all thier adult and take thier women as servent as form of punshment. you might not like this role also many people did not like it at time of profit mohamed regarding what Khaled ben Alwalid done is also story happen many years ago I can understand that muslim should not kill any other person without reason and without parior judjment so if this story is true it Khaled who done this mistake not you and not me and Allah will ask Khaled only about this event.
8- I understand that there was no Sexual intercouse between Ziad and Zinab ( that is why they divorce each other) and as result no need for 3 months wait peroid.
9- regarding Safi she had been away from her husband for over 6 months.10- Regarding the women which has been taken during the war as servent Yes allah allowed muslim who capture women during war to be his servent and have sex with her but not after one menstural peroid and if one done that this his problem like now allah told us not to touch our wife during thier menstural but some do and this thier problem.
11- What called Zawaj Almotah has not proven to be allowed in first place and there is many controversy regarding if profit mohamed allowed it we understand that known of the muslim at time of profit mohamed accepted this concept and Quran state it is Haram.
12- Regarding why allah make gradual decrease in Tahrim alcohol and Riba but not the Marriage of son in law. because marriage is categorical value it is like male and female, death and life you can not have half marriage also you either son of this peron or son of another person. also that fact that prophet Mohamed married his cousin Zinab is okay because Ziad is not his son.
13- The matter you forget sura in Quran sate that (Hormat order of Allah is more than hormat Alkaba) even allah allowed muslim to fight in the Haram months if muslim exposed to enemy these people which profit mohamed ask to be killed aleady fought muslim and killed thier wife and children.

**NOTE : Please Hakim do not give us story which are has not been proven and expose many contradictory fact and use it to prove your point.

Yours sincerely,

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