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What Is Democracy And For Whom?

Democracy comes from the Greek 'demos' (people) and 'kratos' (power). It is about the power that people have by right to contribute to the process by which their country or area or group is run.

While the people of many countries believe in democracy), some argue that it is unsuitable or impossible for their country. There are many different systems and it is difficult to say one system is democratic and another is not. For example, in a country with only one political party, it is possible to hold elections so the people can choose between different members of the party who might represent alternative viewpoints. Is this democracy?Ways of voting and electing representatives in national democratic systems vary. In principle, they all try to reflect the views of the people through a representative body like Parliament.

Having elections every few years does not necessarily mean that everyone feels involved.
All democratic systems have rules about who has the right to vote. In most countries, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to vote. In others, women or minorities or indigenous people are excluded from voting.
Some people argue that referendums - when people can vote on a specific question - should be held regularly, but others argue that, because political parties lay out their beliefs during an election, the election vote is enough.
There are other ways of influencing decisions besides voting. Many grassroots organisations, special interest or local area groups want to be heard at other times. They lobby representatives directly, get the media to write about their ideas, use petitions, marches and peaceful demonstrations.

The questions here are:
Is the libyan mentality ready to recieve the conception of democracy?
Is the libyan society prepared for democracy?
Do we have clear democratic programme?

Best regards.

The libyan free opinion for democracy and human rights support

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