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To Mwatin Libi :
What Mistakes And Experience Are You Talking About?

I was shocked and disturbed when I read Mr Mwatin Libi article in which he expressed his vision of the future of Libya. For the first time I heard a Libyan adult talking about getting the best of Qaddafi's experience instead of punishing him for bringing the whole nation to devastating disaster. We may need to consult Qaddafi if we want to turn ourselves to devils, he would be very helpful in this regard.

Do we need an experience of a dictator who has completely destroyed his country's infrastructure? Do we need to know how to turn a healthy well-growing education system to a system which produces only illiterate people? Or do we have to seek the knowledge of how to plant illnesses and sickness in our own community and destroy their health system and push them out of the country to seek treatment in the neighbouring country who at one stage were far behind us in terms of such services and still far behind in terms of financial resources.

The writer seems to be impressed with the experience of the building of man-mad river which absorbed the blood of the Libyan people and which has been proved being a disastrous stupid project, and is still going on for the sake of the satisfaction of a crazy arrogant dictator. I think the writer may meant the experience of good and wise money management of a country with huge oil resources, I think we should give this dictator some credit of maintaining the same average income for his people for a long thirty six years while even the poorest neighbouring countries have raised the level of their people living to a reasonable standard such as Tunisia in spite of its limited non-oil dependant resources.

I guess our writer may thought that we should learn how to conduct our selves; the way we dress, move, speak and even smoke. Our great leader brings us shame wherever and whenever he shows up on a screen. He is a complete disaster with no single bright side to be credited with.

Maziegh 7

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