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Elkhomsi Is One Of The Best Coaches Libya Ever Had

To those who were calling for Mr Elkhomsi to resign, I say you got your wishes, but just to defend a man who gave his life to teaching generations of Young Libyan, who is dreaming of becoming a good soccer players, a man who gave everything he got to teaching kids how to kick the ball from a young age wither it was at school or in the streets of Libya, I am one of those lucky one's who have the pleasure to learn from him and I saw the man at his best in the school yard where he coached with the same level he was coaching in the club levels at that time, he loves the game and knows the game inside out, I have the most respect to a man who give Libya so many victories in the club level and international level, We should be rewarding the man for his hard work and dedication to improve soccer in Libya.

As for the last game he coached against Egypt, the lost was not his fault, it was just a bad luck for him personally and for us as fans of the Libyan team.The players to me looked very tired except for a few who played their heart out. Egyptian are well known for sabotaging Libyan players wither in the club level or international level, I would not doubt it they have done it again as they have before many times, by camping in the front of the Libyan head quarters and try many games to to disturb the players by sending them many attractions ( We all know what) to break their mentality and exhaust them physically.

As I was watching the game I saw the aggression in Egyption players faces, they always have looked at the Libyan players down. In the first half they hammered Eltaib and tried to intimidate him which they succeeded.To me we should blame the security of the team before we could point fingers at OUR TEACHER and the father of the Libyan Soccer.

Thank You

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