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Peace And Blessings Be Upon You, O Prophet Muhammad

Assalamu alaikum

I would like to reiterate the advice my brothers have given to Dr. Ibrahim though I know he will not listen. If someone like this retarded maniac who calls himself Hakim is saying blasphemous things about Islam and our beloved Prophet Muhammad, then Dr. Ibrahim will be carrying Hakim's sins and the sins of everyone who will read these disturbed messages. I do not know what kind of freedom this is that propogates the insulting of the Prophet, but if Dr. Ibrahim thinks that this is democracy, then he might need to go ahead and change his religion altogether (no offense, but the truth must be said).

I think the best defence against this, since Dr. Ibrahim is promoting these types of insults of Prophet Muhammad, is to completely ignore this character (who I bet is Gaddafi affiliated and probably living off the crumbs his leader feeds him somewhere). I know, alhamdulilla, that we cannot sit back and let him insult the most beloved person in our lives, but since Dr. Ibrahim agrees with these insults, we cannot really do anything about it except not read his messages, or preferably boycott "Libya Our Home" altogether. Because "Libya My Home" does not condone insulting Allah and his prophets. I doubt that idiot named Hakim is capable of reading English, but if he is, I'd like to congratulate him on reserving his spot in Hellfire unless he repents to Allah and Allah accepts his repentance.

I think the best offence is completely ignoring the libyan Salman Rushdie and his promoter, Dr. Ibrahim, because once you read their messages, you are helping them accomplish their goal of spreading these insults of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

So, please brothers, ignore the ignorant!!! I suggest to our brothers who are efficient in web development to create an alternative site where we can discuss the matters of our homeland in a way that pleases Allah and His Prophet and leave this site to Abu Jahl and his companions.

Grandson of Seedi Idrees

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