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Gadhafi Has Reached The End Of The Road

A few months ago, I had published a letter on this web site, entitled: Thebeginning of the end for Gadhafi. Now I write a sequel to that letter,entitled: Gadhafi has reached the end of the road. Despite all hisconcessions to the US administration, the Americans have made a strategicdecision to end their historical support for tyrannies around the world, andto side with democratic movements in countries ruled by notorious dictators.President Bush, during his speech on November 26, 2003 has admitted Americanmistakes of the past whereby various US administrations have chosen tosupport tyrannies in search of short-term gains. However, the events ofSeptember 11, 2001, have led to a re-evaluation of American internationalpolicies, and have convinced American policy makers that short-term gainsinvariably translate into long-term losses.

In recent speeches, President Bush has reiterated the commitment of hisadministration to side with people seeking their liberation from brutaltyrannies, when he stressed that any people fighting for their freedom, willfind the US on their side against their oppressors. Most recently,Assistant Secretary of State, William Burns, has made it clear to Gadhafithat his time is up. Now there is a bill circulating in the US Congressthat seeks to transform US Embassies into "islands of freedom" in all landsruled by tyrants. One of the authors of this bill is Ambassador MarkPalmer, an advisor to ALFA, with intimate familiarity with the Libyanaffair.

Dr. Abdelrahim Saleh, on his death bed, turned to me and said " this yearhas to be a decisive year in our struggle against Gadhafi". I concurredwith him and conveyed his message and our determination to our friends inthe US administration, who pledged their commitment to our cause. However,Libyans must shoulder their responsibilities in ending Gadhafi's rule thisyear.

I ask all Libyans, individuals and groups to put their minor differencesaside, and to resort to practical steps to remove Gadhafi. Also, I ask thatall Libyans, wherever they are to commemorate Abdelrahim's 40th day sincehis death, beginning on March 9th and continuing until March 13. I ask thatwe devote several Pal Talk discussions for Abdelrahim's memory and his manyaccomplishments. It must be remembered that Abdelrahim has devoted over 30years of his life fighting for constitutional democracy in Libya.Unfortunately, he died before the realization of his dream. Now it is up tous, all of us, to continue where Abdelrahim has left off.

Mohamed M. Bugaighis, Ph.D.

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