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Letter To The Prime Minster Of Great Britain

Mr. Tony Blair
The Prime Minister of Great Britain
10 Downing Street

May. 1, 2005

Dear Sir,

Since the end of World War II, Britain has had a close and important relationship with the Libyan people. The British government played a very significant role in helping Libya attain its independence from the dictatorial Italian regime and establishing a free democratic state in 1951. Britain has always been generous and kind to the Libyan people and we greatly appreciate your government’s efforts and assistance over the years.

We hope that the strong relationship between our two peoples will grow and continue serve both countries’ interests.

As you know the current Libyan dictatorship under Colonel Gadhafi, has a long history of criminal and malicious activities inflicted upon the Libyan people and the rest of the world. Gadhafi was responsible for the murder of a British policewoman in 1984 and the murder of Ali Abuzaid a British citizen of Libyan origin. He has supplied the IRA with weapons and training camps, and of course he is guilty of the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing in 1988 just to mention a few. Moreover, Gadhafi is not only brutal to his own people but he is also ruthless in his cruelty to them. He has trounced on every human right and ruined every aspect of daily life. The Libyan people are in a very grave situation. Political dissidents are routinely rounded up and imprisoned or just simply disappear. In 1996, on a single operation, known as Abusleem massacre, 1200 political prisoners were murdered inside their cells. Young people are executed on university campuses and fear the future. Libyan citizens have had their property, businesses, and homes confiscated and demolished because of their opposition to the government. Furthermore, Gadhafi inflicts a collective punishment on his people and their descendents elsewhere in the world. Many British citizens of Libyan origins, including myself, have lost their businesses and property, and have had their livelihoods disrupted because of Gadhafi’s evil regime.

Do not trust Gadhafi’s new face of compliance and reparations. He is a ruthless dictator and will not change his tactics, but will merely disguise them better. We hope that the British government will continue to help the Libyan people and not be fooled by its tyrant of a leader.

Sincerely yours,

Elsaber Majed

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