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To Hakim, Adel, and Mwatin Libi.. Ask The Jews

Hakim, Adel and Mwatin Libi, greetings.

Since none of you gentlemen (or Ladies) is not using his/her real name, I have to stick to your rule of the game. I think I am skeptical about your timing of waging your attacks on the prophet Mohammed and the religion of Islam. Of course you would say we are not attacking we are just asking questions. The question is why now? Dr Ibrahim Ighnawa site has been up for many years, and he has no problem of publishing any thing including attacks on Prophet Mohammed, Quran, Islam, or any thing. This is his conviction -no taboos on his site.

Is your timing aimed to distract the attention of Libyans (I assume that most of the visitors to this site are Libyans) away from their daily problem of the regime in Libya? I think using a topic that discredit the integrity of Prophet Mohammed serves this purpose well. This type of issues Gaddafi and Abu-dabouse, and even the late Sadeq Al-Nayhum used to bring. But did they listen to sound responses to these questions? Certainly Gaddfi neither would nor listen to the responses (no matter how good they were).

Hakim, in the beginning I was interested in your thinking and your critical questions. I was under the impression that you are a sincere person seeking answers to important questions. However, I was disappointed (and many others who shared my opinion of you) when you exposed your objective - to destroy myth (Islam) that you called DARKNESS and you would be happy to just one person from this darkness. Then, it was clear to me that you are not seeing truth via sound rational thinking and research. Your objective is not a new one; the last 1426 years show continuous, dedicated, sophisticated, and well supported efforts to do just that. They all failed. May be you will be the lucky one, who knows.

I found it interesting to see people like you guys (assuming you are males) came from a Muslim background attacking Islam, and in the mean time I found well educated and Jews in the 21st century studied Islam and became Muslims, and they are very proud of that. Please, if you do not mind visit one of their sites Eeven the story of killing 900 Jews by Prophet Mohammed is addressed on their web site (this story alone is enough to DISCOURAGE a Jew or any human-to convert to Islam)

Wish you will, and we will keep the discussion Insha Allah.

Best Regards,



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