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Saadi Al-Gaddafi; Value For Money??? I Doubt It!!!


Before I start if you don't know much English, like many of your generation in Libya caused by your father's decision of spreading ignorance by banning English at schools, then get this translated by one of your many henchmen - of course in your case you went to special and private schools so you probably know some! You think that you are appointed to look after us? Just who the hell do you think you are telling us that you are value for money? Are you the Queen of England? The Royal family? Of course you are the son of the blood thirsty dictator who plays at being a famous (or infamous?) footballer. The only difference between you and other famous footballers is that they get paid large amounts of money to entertain us, while you pay the Italian clubs to give you a chance to make a fool of yourself - a laughing stock for the whole world to see.

You said that your father put Libya on the map I agree but for what? First for supporting terrorism across the globe, then when Saddam and his sons went down he decided to use all OUR petrodollars which was for us and our children's future, to buy acceptance from his betters in the West. Indeed famous - making Libya into a pariah state, destroying all its heritage and giving away all its present and future wealth to anyone asking for compensation for whatever misdeed HE committed in our name. You have delusions of grandeur and exaggerated sense of self importance and all you are trying to do is to clear your name of your fathers crimes against humanity as well as causing complete and utter chaos - administrative, economic and social for the last almost four decades. The pictures, video clips and sights of Uday and Quasai are still very vivid in most people's minds or has it all faded in yours?

Ask any medical specialist and he would tell you that the only chance of recovering from cancer is by removing it. You and your family especially your father are exactly this cancer, the only chance of Libyan recovery is by a speedy removal. If this is not done by the people then Allah almighty will take care of all of you sooner than you think. I would also add that in case you think you are not personally responsible for killing the innocent, let me remind you that every penny or cent that you are spending is dripping with their blood. Every mouthful that you eat is dipped in the innocent blood of your father's and the victims of his regime. How could you enjoy your food and sleep soundly knowing all this? I am amazed! On the other hand it would take some intellect to realize your predicament - I am not sure if you actually posses any.



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