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Warning To Libyans

The past few weeks we heard a lot about the opposition meeting in London. I am an observer and don’t claim to be a politician but as a Libyan, I am interested in the affairs of Libyans. I had few observations about the conference that concern me and hope to get answers or at least create a discussion in this page.

1- The focus of the conference was about over throwing Ghadaffi but I think the focus should be making life and freedom in a better condition for Libyan people. These are 2 different goals and I am interested in the second.

2- Appearance of the proclaimed prince of Libya concerns me a lot. Even though the claims that he will go with what Libyans want, I get the feeling that he thinks that he has the write to the Libyan throne. This is a dangerous concept and quite frankly makes me feel nauseated. Enough playing paternal role towards the Libyan people. We have to trust the people’s ability to run there own affairs. We only need to support the frame work to support that. One is claiming that he is their leader, the second, their king. Poor Libyan people from these chair thirsty losers.

3- Even though Ghaddafi made many mistakes, he has been running this country for more than 30 years. That is a lot of experience. If I buy a company from another person, I would make sure that I learn from all of his experience and mistakes even if I have a different vision for my company. I believe that if we really want a better future for the Libyans, we should learn from Ghaddafi’s experience. That does not mean that doing so means that we are forgiving him for his mistakes. Getting rid of Ghaddafi may fulfill the desire for revenge but let us make it clear that this not and should not be the goal of any opposition movement.

4- In support of the previous statement, I do think that the withdrawal of the Muslim brotherhood from the conference was the right thing to do even though I am a very liberal person.

5- I think that good results come with good planning and we have seen the results of rushing for results for the past 30 years or so. Libyan people deserve better. Unfortunately, from what I see from the last week’s meeting makes me wonder if have genetic defect that prevents us from careful planning.

6- I think Mr. Ighneiwa’s page could be used to discuss the Libyan institution as a start.

7- Finally to Mr. Ghaddafi,

Last week’s opposition conference gives you a golden opportunity to strike a winner. Their attitude showed clearly their hunger for bower. If you let them expose themselves in the past, you would not have needed to go after them. I really think that Libyans will be disillusioned after reading about the conference. It is your chance to trust your people and start a real reform towards democracy. Open resources for your people to educate them selves about what is going around them instead of shielding them from information fearing for your own chair. There is nothing more powerful than an educated mass.

N.B. I know in advance that I will be attacked as a Ghaddafi spy or follower. All I care about is the well fare of my people.

Mwatin Libi

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