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To Fawzi Abdul-Hameed, The Attorney

You have always criticized those who write under anonymous names, describing them as cowards. Yet in your last article you confessed that you went to Rome in 1981 or 1982 disguising yourself as a Turkish man who can hardly speaks Arabic. Clever? No, not really. Isnít this what they call double standards? If you are that brave of a man, why did you hide your identity? Or why did you flee Athens? Even better why you left Libya at all for that matter? C'mon, why didn't you stay and fight like (a woman)! Do not you practice what you preach?!

Abdul- Mottalab of Gooraish beat you to it fifteen hundreds years ago when he said: "Al Kaaba has its God to protect it". One sees the similarities of your famous phrase: "leave my head and cut" except you always try to exclude yourself of the blame believing that you have done more than your share. So you distributed some leaflets in front of a Mosque. Big deal!
It seems that you pick and choose as you please. Anything you can conveniently do, and is available to you in your secure environment in a warm room in front of the computer with Swiss citizenship in the pocket, is considered to be bravery in your eyes.
To grandiose the things you can do and belittle the efforts of others is a mental disorder called narcissism. Please check out its features.

Over the years we have witnessed various groups and individuals that would hide their identities, written under different names and wore masks and hoods. Do you claim that you are braver than those students who stood against the Shah of Iran or the fighters of Hamas or the Sandinistas who stood up against Somoza of Nicaragua or the Filipinos against Marcos? You need more? How about the black widows of Chechnya? Has anyone ever seen their faces or known their names? Notwithstanding of whether one would agree with their cause or not or the outcome achieved, no one can doubt their courage. They all for time or another had hidden their real names and/or identities as the circumstances dictate.

Final note: Surprisingly, you are not alone in this thinking. Even Esq. Attorney El-Hadi Shallouf jumped on the bandwagon trying to scare those who write under aliases of being liable for committing "illegal action"! May be we should seek a third legal opinion. Any one? Any one?

B. K.

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