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A Response To Mr X

I wasn't aware that Arabs and Muslims were one and the same. Though I suppose now that we like to generalize, we can clearly come to a conclusion that Jews and Berbers are the same as well? "You sound like the Jews who cry anti-semitism all the time".

Because that is all I can deduce from what you've written. And while we're at it, let's add some more to our list... All Asians are good at math, all blacks are criminals, all Mexicans are drunks, and all Russians are communists... Hmm. Not bad. Anything else?

"I told you before to let go of the hollow feverish nationalism..."

Might I point out that by even replying to Azzwari's post you've implied that you, yourself, being an Arab, are rather proud and would rather it not be so that a Berber point out that the Arabs haven't exactly helped their case. See the pot call the kettle black, my friend.

From what I've understood, you haven't even begun to grasp the concept here. All right, so you don't like what Azzwari's got to say. An insecure individual? "you are nothing but a sad and sorry individual who is full of hatred due to insecurity." I think not. An individual expressing his thoughts is more like it. Also, the fact that all you can do is sit there and insult him is merely a show of your own utter incompetence. And no wonder Azzwari thinks so poorly of the Arabs--you're such a stellar example.

"...You better let us know where you stand exactly so we know how to deal with you..."

What? Are you going to hang him now, Saddam?

Another run scored for the Arabs.

This is the 21th century. Minority groups aren't going to 'magically disappear', or suddenly all succumb to your will. Either get over it, or crawl back under that primitive rock you came out of. The days when Arabs fought over a Camel for forty years is over. Check your calendar.

Cheers. :)

PS - Its called --you might want to use it in the future before typing a response in a language other than your own.

X. Did you get this from the movies you been watching (you are a sick creature).

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