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Jum'a al-Werfalli ... Wain Mendalif Beeha?!

Dear reader,

Please visit : and when you are done reading it, please read this one too: before going any further with this piece.
You came back, Thanks! Now take a moment and focus on the contradiction in these two pieces and see if you can come up with anything that might make sense. Your conclusion will likely agree with mine.

Si Jum’a, as you read in the second piece, is making us to believe that there is a Warrfili Officer who lives outside the Jamaheria and cleverly tried to assure us that he has what it takes to deal and wheel with Masoud Abdu-alhafeedh – a representative of Qaddafi, and him (this officer) alone is credited with the release of some prisoners from his hometown, Bani Walid. For some reason, this si Jum’a is wanting to lead us to trust that this Werrfali officer holds very powerful card and can wave it into the regime's face and force it to comply with all of his demands any time he chooses. Do you believe this crab? Does this Jum'a fellow think some or all readers on this site can't decipher what he spewed? Where in the world this office ya si Jum’a has been? Eleven years since his questionable escape, and this officer has been sitting on his egg and threatening the regime by obeying what he orders or he will hatch it and let the genie loose. Eleven years of destruction to his hometown, killings of his friends who meant what they swore on, sleeping abroad with no purpose and all of the sudden he wakes up, stretched his limbs and said: Today is a good day to release my comrades but only in installments. What a talented bold eagle?

Talented indeed! This opportunity hopper –entihazzi- thought why not? I can design and build credibility for myself and this is the time. I can impress my people (deceive in here) and make them believe that I am not a two-robe-rider. But with all these rosy dreams and in the heat of his excitement, this officer forget the most important thing – what does he have in his bag to make the regime bow? And why can’t he use it for the holier cause of Libya?

Si Jum’a promised more details that will make sense to you and I and will bring them in later time.

Ya si Jum’a, in a time where many sons of Bani Walid, in side and out, are trying hard to correct the seventies and eighties stereotyping of their hometown as Qawada twon, and stand behind the nineties rebellion, you, with your own demented desire –god knows your motives, come in here and invite us to your tasteless Dabeekha... You have work to do to substantiate your story! Hope to see back with it soon, for, I think what you wrote is a lie and shall remain a lie until you correct it. I also believe that you and the officer are in one body.


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