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The Reasons Behind the Attacks on Islam

I have been reading for a while, the debates between several Libyan people who write about Islam. Some of them, such as the one named Abdelhamid Elmuhaami, and the Shoojaa', and some others, write pointing out, all the time, sayings and Ahadeeths that reveal, outrageous events, I have been thinking about why they are doing this.

I do not have a problem with the fact that all of us, sometimes in our life, question our religion, and also, we need to question the validity of some of the sayings and books that have been written about the history of Islam, including the books about the "Ahadeeths". However, if we question for the purpose of making sure that what has been written in those books is correct and true or not, to strengthen our faith, then that is a good reason to question, but if we are doing this because our faith is weak, and not ingrained really in us, then it becomes easy and actually a source of excitement and some feeling of accomplishment, when we attack and attack and attack, looking only for the bad books that wrote something about Islamic history, and not for the valid and good ones.

Let us assume, a worst case scenario, that ALL books (except the Qur'aan), that have been written about Islam are not correct, and have been fabricated, does that mean, Mr Al'Muhaami, and Mr. Al'Shoojaa', and others who have been applauding them, does that mean in your opinions that Islam is not a true religion? is that what you have been trying to conclude? and in your hopes, try to reach and say loudly to us?Because if you do have the belief that Islam is a true religion, and it did come from the one God that we call "Allah", and that the messenger, Muhammad was sent with this message from Him, then, you would not say what you have been saying, not the way you said it, anyway.

If you had the belief and the faith in your hearts, you would have been trying to correct the wrong information in those books, without touching the validity of the faith itself.

You all have the right to say what you think, but do not insult the intelligence of people by giving us those outrageous stories from ghost books that you found somewhere in some remote dark places.

I also would like to comment about the caricateur that someone named "Bu'jnaah" writes, I hope you read this, Mr. "Bu'Jnaah", making a mockery and fabricating "ahadeeth" is not the character of a Muslim and not the character of a person who have any respect for any religion, why haven't you made any mockeries about the Christian or the Hebrew religions?, but you are so good at creating jokes about the Islamic religion? are you a Muslim or a Jew? if you are a Jewish person, I advise you to stop making stupid jokes about the Islamic religion, or be fair, and let us see how creative you can be about other religions too, because the jokes you are posting now, are not funny at all.


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