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To Suleiman al-Shooja'

I am assuming that since you live in "Free Canada" that you can read in English, so I hope that you will read my message that I am writing for you.

I have been reading for a while what you have written about Islam, about how you believe that most of the "Sahaabah" were corrupt, and how the Qur'aan itself is not complete, or not totally true, not counting what you added recently, about "Assayyidah 'Ayshah" the wife of our prophet, Muhammad (salla Allahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallim).

I have responded to your previous messages, and I hope that you have read them, I also brought documentation about the global plan to destroy Islam, and I pointed at you, as one of the contributors to this plan.

However, what I would like to ask of you is, if you still consider yourself a Muslim, then instead of questioning the validity of the religion itself, why don't you question the validity of the false books that have been written by the Zionist entities, over hundreds of years trying to tarnish the reputation of Islam, and trying to bring confusion and doubt in the minds of Muslims, by fabricating "Ahadeeths" and statements about the prophet, the Qur'aan, and about the "Ahadeeths"?

I would like from you to rectify what you are saying and make it clear to all of us, are you questioning the validity of these doubtful books or are you questioning the Islamic faith itself?

If you are questioning the validity of some of these books that you have been documenting, then we are open to discuss with you that issue, without putting down the "Sahaabah" or the people who have been promised that they will be in heaven with the prophet, don't do that, because when you write in that manner, you are attacking Islam, and if you are a Muslim and if you have the true Islamic faith in your heart, you would not attack the true source.

Make it clear for us, who are you attacking, exactly?, I consider it very smart and intelligent, when someone questions something, when it does not make sense, or it sounds outrageous, but because I have a strong faith in my religion, nothing and nothing can shake my belief that there is one God, and that is Allah, and that Muhammad was a prophet and messenger of Allah.

When you want to question the truth and validity of these questionable books, ask the questions about who wrote them, remember that the Jews since the days of our prophet, lived in tribes with the Arabs and with the Muslims after the beginning of Islam, the jews have and will continue to plot and plan to destroy the Islamic faith in Muslims, this is a very high priority for them.

I do not want to attack you in an unfair manner and say that you are not a true Muslim, because only Allah knows what is in your heart, but if your faith is telling you that you do not believe in what the Islamic faith says, then, your place here is as someone who repudiates his faith and then you will be considered as such. I hope not.

I also wanted to ask you this, when you questioned, why is it that only "Assayyidah 'Ayshah" was the one who said all those "Ahadeeths" about the prophet, and not his other wives?, has it ever occurred to you that maybe his other wives were not as outspoken like 'Ayshah was?, or maybe some of those "Ahadeeths" are fabricated, especially if they did not make sense?

We need to acknowledge one thing, even if it is hurtful, and that is we all need to be very careful of some Ahadeeths when what they say sounds too far from the statements of the Qur'aan, or if they sound outrageous, remember that Islam has been attacked and put in jeopardy by books written by people with false Arabic names and they are in actuality jews, some of them pretending to be "Shuyookh".

Mr. Alshojaa', My advice to you as a Muslim sister to you, is if you want to draw attention to yourself and to your articles, try to be fair, and don't question the faith, make it clear that what you mean is the falsehood of the books that you read, not the islamic faith in itself.

I pray that Allah will guide you and guide us all to what will make us better people who can tolerate each other, believe me, we need good intelligent people for this country of ours, now more than ever before, especially after we have been afflicted by this hellish regime, more now than ever before, and I also hope that you are not one of the allies of this hellish regime, if you are, I pray that Allah has mercy on your soul.


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