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It Is Only A Habit

There is an old saying that goes "God help me keep my mouth shut until I know what I am talking about".

The temptation to discuss any subject, and discuss it immediately is often too strong to resist. It occasionally happens you get slowly involved in discussing a subject you do not know a single thing about. You are not aware of the subject title and do not put any effort in checking some facts or details.
Instead of feeling embarrassed, you begin to debate with carelessness and ignore everything that has been said and who said it.
You start to attack everyone, and for your defence you use your apparent confidence spiced with a false sense of achievement.
The debate now is entering an advanced stage, you are looking for an exit, you confess the evidence to support what you say are forgotten and you promise to bring them next time you meet. You make your promise sound like a warning.

Deep inside, though, you have already decided you will never want to take part in any future discussion. You convince yourself that debating any topic is a waste of time, and your friends, frankly, are not worthy of your contribution. You comfort yourself with 'your level is higher than theirs'.

Then the final discussion between you and your real self starts.
What is the subject under discussion and what do I know about it?
Exactly, what do I know about all this?
Is it a subject I am familiar with? Is it something I always read about?
Is it from education, work, life experience?
Is it something that everyone does and believes in?
Is it perhaps the way I see it?
Or is it simply something I never considered?

Granted, a number of subjects can be discussed and forgotten within minutes. But certain topics are sensitive and tricky.

Start a debate - without preparation - on any of the delicate subjects and soon you will find few allies and many enemies all are eager and ready to start a fight. About what?
You have no idea.

Adel Ahmed

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