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A Libyan Woman's Perspective

First, I apologize, for not having the Arabic fonts in my computer, because I wanted to write in Arabic, so that the majority of the readers would be able to read my humble input about my country.

I am a Libyan woman, who is living abroad, not because of my opposition to the present regime, at least not an official opposition, although I cannot help but oppose at least in my heart (Wa Hada Adh'af Al'eemaan), what has been going on for 35 years.

But because I have been reading the letters that are exchanged in this forum for several months now, and although I have no problem with the opposing views between Libyans about the present situation, I find myself realizing that there is a lot of energy and effort being spent in personal squabbles between some people, going back and forth about individual views, when we need desperately to focus on the big picture, and that is, the sad and desolate situation that is going on in Libya.

It is a healthy thing to have opposing views and to have intellectual differences of opinions and discuss them, but that becomes less of a priority when the general picture is not as bad as what it is now.

I believe that through this present regime and the people who are running it, Libya will not improve, not socially, not economically, nor culturally.

These are pure facts that we, all Libyans need to truly realize and understand, having this recent pseudo-coalition with the West and especially with the United States, does not change the reality that the people who have damaged the country in every aspect possible, will still be the same people, who are pure evil, and have no mercy for the Libyan people.

My point is that all of us need to think together, and forget, at least until we can clean up this mess that this regime has made, we need to become united, somehow, together, remove the bad seed that has been planted for 35 years, and everything that relates to it, and then let us start the healthy dialogues and sort through our differeneces in a healthy and constructive manner.

Until we do that, the present regime will continue to thrive, because this is exactly what they want. To keep people busy, contaminating the minds and feelings of people with the personal differences about subjects that are not as vital and important, as getting rid of the source that is spreading the harmful germs.

I am appalled at a system in a country where the simple basic social public services are so bad and malfunctioning, such as electricity, telephones, basic plumbing, health care, social care, salaries of public workers, and other basic services, especially in a country that is very rich with its oil resources.

Every Libyan should have these basic services provided and working properly, every child in Libya should have the best education system, and health care, every elderly man or woman, should not have to become a beggar, or beg for social security, these are the things that we need to focus on, and work towards removing this evil regime, so that Libyans can start again to feel like human beings, and restore their dignity and human integrity.

The country needs to clean up the streets and communities from the bad foreigners who have been invading it, after this evil regime has opened the doors to them, to allow every drug dealers, or prostitutes to enter with no care for the protecttion of the innocent Libyans who are living in constant fear, due to the high rates of crime and assaults on them, from these people who do not belong there.

After this regime is removed, and it will be soon, there is a lot to be done, and it will need all of us, together, without concentrating on the differences between us, we need to rebuild our country, and no foreigner is going to do that for us.

We, Libyans need to reunite to build Libya from scratch, and it will take a long time, especially for the younger generations who have been damaged culturally and morally.


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