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Our Dignity Is Beyond Your Reach, Mr. Fathi Turby

Fathi Turby lived in California for many years, yet he rarely associated with the Libyan American Community there. Most recently, he traveled to Libya where he met with Libyan officials who, as it now seems, have tempted him with financial gains if he offers services in return. It now appears that Fathi was expected to deliver the loyalty and services of the Libyan American Community in Southern California in return for lucrative contracts.

Most recently, the likes of Fathi Turby, have sprung into action, in competition among themselves to deliver Libyan Communities in various parts of the United States. Their reason is to market themselves as leaders within their local Libyan American Communities, and who could be counted upon by the regime to deliver those communities, as the regime ventures into the United States, long has been viewed as a bastion for the Libyan opposition.

The regime has dispatched its emissaries to various regions in the world to pave the way for its return to the international arena. Dorda is currently in Southern California, hoping to meet with members of the Libyan American Community. Upon receiving news of Dordaís impending visit to California, Fathi Turby made a sudden and sharp detour to his Libyan roots. Since then, he has made several attempts to meet with local Libyan Americans to convince them to have a warm reception for Dorda. However, his attempts were rebuffed, compelling him to issue an open invitation to the Libyan community on the Internet. Fathi claimed, falsely, that his personal attempts of contacting the community were well received, when the opposite was true. Subsequently, an official response was issued on behalf of the community, belying Fathiís claims of having received local blessings.

The Libyan American Communities have left Libya to live in freedom and to preserve their self-respect, terms and concepts that have become non-existent in Libya under Gadhafi. If Fathi believes that the living circumstances in Libya justify our collective return, then why did he rush back to California, after having visited the "leader" in his tent?

Dignity might not mean much to Fathi, but it means everything to us. We urge Fathi and his visitors to leave us alone and to depart to live with their beloved leader, until his and their impending departure, when Libya is claimed back by its rightful owners, the Libyan people. All Libyan Americans should write to denounce Fathi and other mercenaries, and to encourage boycott of all their meetings; those who attend should be shunned.

Mubarak Ibn Mabrouk wa Mabrouka

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