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I Proved My Point

Just a short note to say that after reading the last article written by the "Shoja'" I proved my point that he is a paid person by some entity to not only demoralize the feelings of Libyans (as if they need more demoralization, already), but also, to try to increase the levels of loss of hope that Libyans have regarding their faith, because of the tribulations that Libya has been going through for more than three decades.

I am not saying that this "Shoja'" person does not have the right to say what he thinks, but when it starts to become with fabricating sayings about the holiness of the Islamic religion, I think that he has to be warned by the moderator of the forum to write what he thinks in a truthful manner, and not fabricate statements that he attributes to documented sources, because that is false statements, and is completely unethical to be allowed to be posted.

It is known now, Ya Sayyed Al'shooja' that you are but a paid puppet for the people who have been planning to destroy Islam.

I posted few weeks ago a documented article about how there is a global plan and attempt at rewriting the "Qur'aan", and how there are billions of dollars being spent globally to try to destroy Islam, over a number of years (about 20 years) because the presence of the Islamic religion conflicts with the bigger global plan to create a New World Order, or a "One Government" for the whole planet, Islam does not fit into this plan, that has been concocted for a long long time, and because of that, Islam, according to this New World Order, has to be removed.
Haven't you seen how the Middle East is changing?, soon, other countries in that region will be accused of harboring terrorism too, and they will be invaded, to fit the global plan.
Wake up, people, and realize that things are changing and fast, soon you will realize that the good and old USA, has become, if not already the Ruler of this "One World Government".

To change the subject,I also read some comments from some participants who were saying some demeaning statements about Libyan women, I would like to reply that Libyan women are not weak and crying all the time, like one of them said, Libyan women have proven, since the Italian invasion and before that AND during these 35 years of hell that Libyan families have endured, that they are very strong, and very decent women, they suffer and would never betray their husbands or families like foreign women do.

So, before anyone tries to degrade a Libyan woman, think about how much your mother endured in her lifetime, to raise you and your brothers and sisters.


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