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To Soliman Alshoja

Dear Dr Ibrahim, and all Libyans

Salam alikom. And mabroke for the fasing month of Ramadan. I would like to explain important points to Soliman Alshoja.
These are the principles of Eman:
1- believe in Allah (God) is first thing in Eman and every thing in this world believe there is Allah (God) if you look to yourself how you made look to DNA in every cells in our body the chance that DNA are made by chance is impossible because one mistake in composition of DNA means that cell will not function and look to how the earth formed...etc.
2- what this Allah (God) want from us as his creatures? is like what you yourself want from any machine you made, to communicate with and to be obedient. For Allah (God) to communicate with us he needs massanger, this massanger need to be honest, sincere and well known.
3- Allah (God) has chosen many people to be his massangers the last one was prophet Mohamed. Why we believe Mohamed is prophet?
Because he was well known as the honest (he never lie) why because every person know him at that time agree about that including those who do not like him. And despite he was illiterate he produced the Quran which contains information about many events was impossible for any illiterate to know about it. When I said well known I mean like now in Libya if you ask how many libyan who have PHD in international law for example you will find in whole Libya (5 million people) they are well known or at least they can be named.
4- What Allah (God) want from us? Is like what you want from your children. You want your daughter or son to be honest, sincere and do things good for his futher.You do not want him to be ill and you want to teach him how he or she can do that. The same Allah (God) want to teach us how we look after ourself so He send to us the Quran.
5- No body knows every thing and we do not know the futher, so we can not judge if something is good for us or not (good for us do not means we like it) for example Britain and America (which are very well acknowalgable country) went to war with Iraq after 2 years of study but they discover now after the war that they have done many mistakes. So Allah (God) told us in the Quran what is good for us and what is bad for us even if we do not like it (for example Allah told us not to have sex except with our wifes because of many reasons including to avoid diseases and to have pure children).
6- Finally any thing happen after death of prophet Mohamed is not part of islam (prophet mohamed said Alioma akmalt lakom dinakom wa radit loakom al-Islam dean = Today I finished my massage to you and accept islam as your religoun) but may be explaintion for something so what Abo Horira said could be true and could be wrong but Abo Horira is dead and we should not write bad thing about dead people that is part of Islam teaching. Although we know that prophet Mohamed who has been chosen by Allah as his massanger liked Abo Horiara and he will be with him in the paradise (aljanna) so if you do not like Abo Horira you are free this is part of Allah democrasy but also Allah free not to take you to paradize and Allah is free to kill you when he likes, meanwhile stay as you are human being waiting your faith with Allah and only these with mind can understand.

Yours sincerely
Mahamoud el-Salini

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