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Blood Bath

Asalam aylkum wa rahmato allah

Dear Dr Ighneiwa:

I would like to congratulate you on your successful and rather unique web site. I have to say I am impressed with its structure and the variety of materials it provides to it's visitors.

I was however disillusioned with some of the writings of some your frequent visitors. For instance the person who calls him self the lawyer of Lausanne whom I doubt even has an elementary school degree, as judged by the way he writes? I don't claim to be writer myself but... the way this imposter claim to be a writer and member on the Libyan think-tank is disturbing and embarrassing. I have never engaged in any tit for tat kind of conversation. Mr. Abdul-Hamid has proved to be ignorant arrogant and rather simple minded and further more I personally think he's got pre-senile dementia!!!

He gave himself the license to attack, ridicule and deny our Islamic heritage. One of Libya main source of pain and anguish are the semi literates. There are two kinds of ignorance simple and compound. The simple ignorant does not know and knows that he/she doesn't know. The compound ignorant does not know but thinks that he knows!!!!

By the same side of the coin I have to mention the gentleman from Canada who calls him self "the brave", both of whom attacked our Islamic and Sunni heritage without putting in perspective the historical facts. Since as I mentioned in my previous classification both of those folks come under the compound ignorant category, I will not waste my time in contesting their simple minded articles rather I will point out the philosophy of Islamic history.
What does it mean to be Muslim or an Arab...
To begin, there is no excuse for sloppy writing. Its unacceptable to say "I wrote this in a hurry", many of the "writers" on Libya our home use that excuse. let me tell you something; running out of time may affect one's ability to explain him/herself but does not make the writing a series of grammar and composition circus... I know a lot of Libyan youth who grow up reading superman and batman and then all of a sudden became authorities on islmic and political matters. Where are we from "Ra-he-maa allah Em-rre-en Arraff Quadr Naaf see hee fa wa qaa-fa doo naha".

What were the Arabs before Islam? They were divided and looked down upon by the other surrounding nations. They used to beg for money in the Persian and Roman courts; The same way nowadays Arabs do with Moscow and Washington. Those who attacked Abubakr, Omar, Khalid ibn Walid and so forth forgot that those were the ones who changed all of that, those are the ones who PUT the Arabs on the map. To further elaborate on Mrs. Adul-Hamid and Mr. Canada ignorance, they forgot to mention how those early visionaries defined ARABISM, they defined as those who spoke in Arabic tongue "Ya Jahil".

How could you give yourself the permission to attack what you do not know, you simple minded maggot did you go back to the days were the Persians used to ravish Arab women, did you want your mother or your sister get raped by a Persian (Ya ...). Do you know how much the Persian hate us, Ya Jahil do you know why the Persian adopted Shiism; Because they knew if they to go back to their fire worshiping the entire Arabic empire would erase them from the face of the earth... The Arabs are the only people who PERMENATLY changed the Persian culture we even changed their alpha pat!!! Do you still wonder why have such a hatred towards us "ya Jahil".

I would also like to ask Mr. Adul-Hamid who comes from Benghazi, (even though I myself from Tripoli but I think Al-sharaqua" are real men but you are not one of them) how can you question the integrity of Quran? Did not you read in the Quran that Quran only makes the misery of those who do not believe in it worse?

Yes Khalid ibn Walid in one battle (Um al sa la sel) killed so many mother ... Persians that the river ran Red for three days...

There is a famous Arabic saying which goes "Kama Kun tum wolia aa alykum", you claim that you are a freedom fighter! What did you do except for wailing like a little whore from "Seidi Khalifa". You should be ashamed to call yourself a Lwayer "ya Jahil al-jahala".

There is no difference between you and Quddafi, for your own info, when Quddafi started was religious (I remember reading the proceedings of a meeting between Quddafi and some god Damned Egyptian reporters and "thinkers" and he was defending Islam as if he were a fundamentalist!!!) And full of energy and childish dreams. Look where he is at now?
He is literally and figuratively giving it to himself in the butt. His kid has transformed the country into "karakhana and free of charge freak show... Why you think that is? I do not want to say because his mother is a Jew and his father was an Italian soldier and his mother is a Libyan whore and all that bull sh**, it is simply because he is like you and Mr. Canada" has lost perspective or had no perspective to begin with. It's much easier to criticize and destroy than to commend and Build!!!! Your miserable SOB or as they used to call you in Bab al- Azizia jail Ya ammassahkh = you stink!!

Now I should go back and explain why I called my artlcel blood bath. Well... blood letting is the oldest known way of soul cleansing as a matter of fact is the only way.

I say to all the Libyan hermaphrodites and queers that the only way to get rid of Quddafi and his fragile henchmen is (Hammam Ed-Dm) the same way Khalid got rid of the Maryland farmers (short for mother ...) Persians, the French revolution of the stinking monarchy the Bolsheviks of the Romanoffs even the great United states to which to some of us more glorious than god was built with bloody civil war. Yes we need a civil war!!.


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