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The Educated Libyan Queens

Sisters, thank you for the excellent efforts in responding to a previous message. I really do appreciate the style, the courage, and your impressive approach to ‘give & take’.

I am aware the Educated Libyan Queens are 1- Authors, 2- Artists, 3- Professionals, 4- Unemployed, 5- Students, 6- Researchers, 7- Cleaners, 8- Teachers, 9- Intellectuals, 10- Unmarried, 11- Pilots, 12- Nurses- 13- Professors, and most important of all, 14- Mothers. And just in case, you are foug rasi.

The Past:- This is only to show your previous comments were taken with enthusiasm and not ignored. I was asking: where are You? To avoid confusion, I meant here on this message board of this website L N & V. I went searching for reasons to your small and irregular contributions, and I think I found a possible explanation. I found your total number does not even reach 1% of my dear brothers. Is this accurate?(*)
(( Do you think that if someone has used some foul language, we, the so addressed "Educated Women" would hide and be shy and not respond because of that? Are you living in 2004? )) Well, I thought some of our Sisters believe it is Haram listening to music, let alone reading foul language, so I had to be cautious.(**)

The Future:- It is true:- Nothing scratches your back better than your own nails. If your numbers were really small, then you may have to increase your efforts to compensate. Make a short list of topics you like to discuss by others, like our Sister who asked on Freedom of Expression recently, I am certain there are those who know and like to share. This way, my dear Sisters, you will discover the issues that unite the Libyans are stronger than those that divide. I am confident you will make a BIG difference. Try to be open minded and flexible, make your aim ‘Our Understanding’ and leave ‘Agreement’ alone. Humans are never easy to understand, so don’t aim too high, and don’t wait for anyone. Take the initiative.

Finally, sorry for the offence I caused to you and to our very dear brothers.

Adel Ahmed

* Talibat Dirasat 'Ulia 21 Oct 03 & ** Umm al-Zubair 21 Oct 04

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