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Response To Adel Ahmed

I read the message written by brother Adel Ahmed, that he addressed to the "Educated Libyan Women", and I debated for a while whether I should write a response, finally, I decided, yes, I will respond.

Brother, Adel, you asked several questions, addressed to what you labeled as the "Educated Libyan Women", now, what is meant by the word "Educated"?, is it the Libyan women, who had the privilege of getting a traditional education, where this education is usually awarded by a degree, or diploma of some kind, or is it any Libyan woman, who had the best teacher and best school ever, in the school called "Life"?

I read, by the way, the reply written by "Reem Libya", and she said it very well, thank you, Reem.

I agree with her, the true Libyan woman, regardless of her level of education, does care, and does give a damn about Libya and about her country. She does feel and suffer as much as every Libyan male, if not more, because she is a mother, a wife, a sister, an aunt a grandmother of every single Libyan man who was ever imprisoned, or tortured, or killed by this regime that is ruling the country. She also lives through all the unfairness of the daily life, if she is inside Libya, or she lives in another country, where she has been deprived of her family and relatives.

So, to reply to your question, are we, the Libyan women (regardless of our level of education) think, "Fi Sitteen Daahyah"?, no, we would NEVER think that, we suffer and grieve for every Libyan who has been persecuted or treated with violence and cruelty. We grieve for our Libya, that has been destroyed and damaged immensely, throughout these last 35 years.

And by the way, when you sarcastically, point at the "Educated Libyan Women" that they do not want to hurt their painted nails, by not writing about issues that touch our beloved country, I can tell you this, I am a highly educated Libyan woman, (If you want to measure my education by degrees), however, I do not have painted nails, because I pray, and cannot have, or do not even want to have my nails painted, so, please, do not stereotype women as one type, women regardless whether they are Libyans or not, educated or not, are not the same and are not a xerox copy of one kind, like men are different, women can be very different.

You asked that maybe we do not write, because of the language that is used in this forum?, you made me smile, when I read that, do you think that if someone has used some foul language, we, the so addressed "Educated Women" would hide and be shy and not respond because of that?, are you living in 2004?
brother Adel?, if any Libyan woman, would want to respond about any issue, she would do that, and very well, but as far as your question, does she think that it is a waste of time?, what do YOU think, do you think that it is a waste of time to respond to some of the articles written here?, I think so, I read all the messages, but I find that many times, other people write a reply that would be in agreement with what I would like to say, so, why repeat the same thing?

Other times, I believe that some articles are not worth replying for, because they address specific people, and they keep just insulting each other, back and forth, whereas, the true issues are what we, Libyans, men and women, need to do to make ourselves better people, before we can save our country from the ordeal and tribulation that is afflicting Libya, through the present hellish regime.

As far as your last statement, that is "Tayyah sa'dak Ya Adel", 'ayb 'aleik Ya akhi, a true educated Libyan woman, would not even think like that, a true educated Libyan woman (and by the way, I want to say that many, many Libyan women who did not get the chance to go to school, to become educated, are extremely educated and wise, and very caring about their country), I will change my statement, a true Libyan woman would not say, what you said, she would say to you, Allah Yi'saamhak.


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