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Why Does LSE Do That?

Recently, we heard that Saif, the son of the Dictator, has been admitted to the London School of Economics, a very prestigious University in England. We all know that Gaddafi and his family are murderious and should be treated as such by all peace-loving people of the world, especially by the Libyan people.

I wrote a protesting letter to London School of Economics and I provide a copy below. I urge all people to write similar letters to the school in the hope that they will cancel his admission. He will undoubtedly use our money to buy his education as he and the rest of his evil family have been curropting our beloved country.

You can write to Ms. Capon of LSE at e-mail address:

Thank you and may Allah Taala bless our beloved country Libya and free it from Gaddafi SOON.

S. Berkawi


Dear Ms. Capon;

With much disappointment and disbelief, I have learned that LSE has admitted Mr. Saif Al-Gaddafi, the son of the Libyan Dictator Moamar Al-Gaddafi, to pursue a higher degree at the prestigious LSE institution.

Like so many millions of people, inside Libya and outside, I follow closely the barbaric and inhumane regime of Al-Gaddafi who has been ruling Libya with an iron fist for more than three decades. His regime, which includes his son Saif and two other sons of his, is responsible for killing hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people, some of whom were murdered outside Libya, including Mr. Mohamad Mustafa Ramadan in London (the BBC anchor) in the early 1980s, as well as the policewoman in London in front of the Libyan Embassy a few years ago. There are also thousands of innocent Libyans who have been thrown in jails without any evidence of misbehavior except perhaps for being advocates of democracy and human rights. International Human Rights Organizations have long and repeatedly accused the Libyan Dictator and his family of major human rights violations. Your own British presss is well familiar with the brutality and barbaric regime of Al-Gaddafi in Libya.

Besides the curroption of this infamous new LSE student, I am surprised that LSE would trust the values of any educational certificates that Mr. Saif Al-Gaddafi must have submitted in his admission application. There is no teacher in Libya at any education level or school who would dare assign Mr. Saif any score but "excellent" in any cource work (if any!) that he claimed to have taken as an undergradute student.

It is indeed so bad that corruption has reached institutions of higher learning so that any person would be granted admission regardless of his/her integrity, civility, or humanity, as long as his/her admission would bring financial benefits!!

I hope and pray that LSE will maintain its own integrity by refusing to open its prestigious campus to murderous and evil people like Mr. Saif. The Libyan people and all those who stand for jusice and freedom in the world are hopful that LSE will give this important matter the utmost attention it deserves.

I thank you for taking my concern to whoever is in charge of this matter at LSE, and please accept my very best regards.

S. Berkawi
A U.S. Citizen

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