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Freedom Of Speech

Salaamun 'Alaikum,

I do not have an Arabic key board, so I'm writing my letter in English and I hope most of you can understand this. It's about how can we learn the art of tolerance. It is an essential need to be able to live with out harming others. The world has changed and I'm sure for the better. The mentality of the past, that of I know best' and all in which I believe in is the right and every body else is wrong needs to disappear.

I find it a very contradicting attitude from some of the readers of this excellent page when they appear to call for freedom and at the same time they deny others the same right!! You can't have it both ways i.e. freedom on your terms! Freedom is one and should be the same for all people. All human beings should have the same rights and responsibilities. The right to live with dignity, respect and the responsibility to follow the democratic roles.

Calling Brother Ibrahem Ignaewa to prevent some of the writers from publishing their letters is a very negative proposal. I hope he doesn't respond to this, since preventing people from speaking and publishing doesn't prohibit the respective parties from actually thinking in the manners manifest. It will only create more frustration, unrest and may lead to the person to do some thing which may be harmful to others or to their country. Certainly the proper way to respond is to write and respond in a civilized way by arguing your views and the readers will decide what is right and what is wrong.

In this day of age there are no red lines to restrict people from voicing their views and people should be able to talk about any thing, be it religion, politics, nationalism, etc as what is seen as essential thing for one person it is not for another. Why should I have to believe in the same thing as you are? If you are Sunni, I can be Shi'i, if you are pro-Gaddafi I can be otherwise, if you are Amazegi, I can be Arabic or Turkish!!

If the west are learning to live in a multi-cultural societies why not the Muslims and the Arabs?? I guess there is no thing new about this?? No wonder we are in such a mess, even before Israel became an island in our ocean. We should only blame ourselves. Wake up and learn from the lessons history taught us. Learn the very basic need for all humans that is respect, respect, and a little bit more respect.

Libyan Ghandi

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