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Gaddafi Is Wasting Libya's Prosperity

Alsalam alikum dear brothers and sisters

After all Gaddafi's concessions, and his attitude with libyans. After he agreed to dismental his "WMDs", after all that, we are hearing the news behind Toni Blair's visit to libya. What are the news? The news are, Gaddafi is making deal with one of the Britsh companies to strenght "enhance" our military.

Why do we need to strenght our military, as his son "Saif" (his is not ours "he is his dad's sword") said in one of his interviews, we don't need the WMDs " because, we have no one to fight with, so why is Gaddafi making this kind of deal, I know why, he likes to spend our country's wealth to satisfy his needs and his bosses's "Bush & Blair" needs and he wants to keep all Libyans under his control.

Brothers, try to imagine how much monet Gaddafi had paid for all those equipments "WMD". That money could have been used to build our infrastructre, such as building hospitals, schools, residence for our people. We are ineed for all that moeny but no one can do anything about this.

Guys, think of this, after all these years under Gaddafi's oppression, his only concern is to stay in power, how?, by eliminating all the educated Libyans , no matter how. He does not like two kind of Libyans, the first knid is, people who have knowledge ,the second kind is, people who have wealth. Because both of them are able to make a lot of change by using knowldge or wealth.

The best thing that keeps him in power is, ignorant and poor people. This is his philosphy, despite the fact that Gaddafi is dominating almost everything back home, I and other libyas are not being hopeless. I "we" know that libya still has its prave men and women.

Finally, I have alot of hope that Allah will give us the power to get our Libya back to its own truthful people and we will prevail soon.

May Allah save our libya.


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