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An Appeal To All

This is an urgent plea that we do our best to raise the issue about the situation of Libyans as people and Libya as a country; mainly the continuation of the repressive regime, lack of rule of law, and nonexistence of liberties. The British-dictator link is troubling and we need to reach out to get answers and ensure checks in place. Through persistent efforts, likely many individuals and institutions, media or government, would learn more about the situation and may hence play helping roles. Speaking out also raises the questions in public and the governments would accordingly respond and be clearer. Any specific steps or advise in this regard as to how to be most effective would be valuable, thanks in advance.

Criminal Repressive Regime in Libya
The people of Libya have been suffering under the Gadafi regime for the last three and a half decades. They have been deprived of civil liberties, reliable health services, proper education system and basics of decent life. There has been virtually no freedom of expression, association or representation under the totalitarian oppressive regime. The wealth has been taken away from the broad country resulting in poor quality of life while furthermore the average person and family are unfairly and horribly subjugated to follow the ideology and instructions of "the brother leader" and his "third universal theory". The despotic regime had, since early on, made public the policy of death penalty to any Libyan or Libyans who would oppose the regime or engage in any civil association unendorsed by the ruling gangs. Such horrible old repressive laws are still in place now in Libya. The death penalty, physical liquidation and infliction of hardship have been repeated personal instructions from the dictator on live TV broadcasts and public gatherings throughout the misery decades. These public killings did take place also on live broadcasts and public gatherings as well as abroad, reaching all types of people who were unrelated except in their stand for fairness and liberty for their home country. Wars with neighboring countries, blowing up of a Libyan passenger plane full of unsuspecting local passengers and costly and suspicious deals with armed groups all over the world are only few other highlights of the mess that Libya has been living through. Such criminal regime, moreover, blatantly blames the helpless citizens at the end of every failed adventure or policy, which are countless. The country is still being run without a defined constitution.

Winds of Change – The Libyan People Deserve Better Life in Libya
With changing times and world events, this awful regime is now rightfully in check. Civil liberty international organizations have repeatedly been an outspoken witness to the miserable situation in Libya and on numerous times have flagged the urgent need to do all that is possible to change it. Western world leaders have also come out and explicitly spoke about the dangers of oppression and abuse of peoples by repressive regimes. Furthermore, they realized the need to play positive roles and accordingly pledged to not be silent or inactive when it comes to such dictatorships in any country.
The British prime minister has been making very suspicious moves to the contrary. Embracing the dictator through numerous unconditional praises and shying away or seemingly not caring about the internal situation in Libya goes right in the face of recent pledges regarding democracies role against dictatorships.

What about the question of justice, liberty and peace for the Libyan people?

Does the British government have a hidden agenda? The average Libyans are asking.

Criminal Gadafi got some training in Britain in the late 60s before the start of Libya’s most recent painful 35 years. The Libyan people are aware of that and hope for a more decent British link this time around. It's truly troubling to see, on the one hand, courage in initiating wars, and issuing praises and visits to dictators by the British PM while, on the other hand, display of "utter shyness?" when it comes to justice for the Libyan people, their liberty and peace. Are these basics such a sensitive issue, at best guess, or otherwise a sacrificial cheap price? All peoples deserve justice, liberty and peace.

What's the PM's message to the average Libyan?
What's the PM's message to Gadafi's prisoners of conscious?
What's the priority of a military deal when hospitals are sources of illness, schools have shattered windows and broken chairs, teachers are paid months late and vast numbers of Libyan families struggle with salaries that amount to $100 to $150 month?
Whom will the military equipment serve and against whom?

The Libyan people are urgently in need of help and support to rid Libya of the oppressive instrument that has damaged their livelihood for so long. They want to be liberated and to start building their country on legitimate basis, a constitution and the rule of law. They need to recover the squandered wealth of their country and spend it on healing the 35-year wounds, on their health care, education, housing, on building civil society and institutions that guard against corruption and oppression. They need to be free to direct their resources to building the healthy, educated and liberated person, family and society and to be able to interact with the world on basis of peace, development and prosperity for all.

The question of integrity is very compelling. Any deals with the repressive regime that would help it stay in control in Libya constitute a blow against the principles of justice and liberty. Any such attempt must be resisted and shamed. The average Libyans and freely chosen representative leaders are a necessary and legitimate party when it comes to discussing how Libya's current situation and future should be dealt with and handled.
Business deals with the dictatorship on the expense of those murdered in Libya and abroad, on the expense of those imprisoned in Libya for their political opinion, on the expense of the average Libyan who is oppressed, wounded and deprived of basics; these business dealings are unlawful and unacceptable to every individual of integrity. These dictatorship-survival-deals ought to be outlawed and criminalized in the democratic civilized world. No foul play with a whole population's livelihood.

Are all the 35-year crimes against the Libyan people forgiven by the people of Libya?
Is the rule of law restored in Libya?
Since this is not the case, how dare any individual, party or country claim to contribute to world peace if their exchanges and transactions help keep the dictatorship in place and continue to impoverish the average Libyans in their country?

I urge everyone, wherever they can, to reach out and make publicly known our case. Of special significance are the efforts in the UK as well as the US. Government officials, opposition leaders, former members who resigned, media outlets and organizations that focus on human rights and civil liberties should all hear from us, and repeatedly. We are after justice, liberty and peace for our people and our country as well as the world as a whole. These are election years, which are most appropriate times of finding listening ears. During these times, integrity is at stake in public, and this is of benefit to those who are for justice and democracy. Some Arabic media and human rights groups should also be contacted. Please do whatever can be done and help raise the case and plight of the average citizen back home.

Thank you,

Ali Abdalla

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