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A Word Of Appreciation To ALFA

While he resorts to every trick, dirty, dirtier and all, to continue bouncing on our chests and while he wines and dines with the devil, Qaddafi continues to slam our wellbeing across the wall. The only importance or rather the only thing he wants is his stay in power. To him, the cost doesn't matter. Taking his people from bad to worse on all fronts doesn't matter. Mortgaging the future and the lives of generations to come doesn’t matter. Knowing his people have had it with him and his days are counted doesn't matter either, and here outside the box, in the free lands and away from his reach some of use seem to look only in the negatives and not attempt to venture, at least for a moment and give the possibility of the positives in the attempts by individuals or groups in making a difference. Qaddafi operating policy is that of "the end justifies the means," turning it around on him, my friends, some of us may say: removing Qaddafi justifies some means.

ALFA, still an infant, not a year old yet, managed successfully to pull some weight and accomplish something never happened before in our distressed home, the freeing of prisoner of conscious from Qaddafi's dungeons. With their persistent work, their continuous poking at deferent avenues in Washington D.C. and their quick to jump on current events, their work was, in my opinion, very fruitful! The release of Fathi Al-Jahmi sure brought relief to him and to his family but his press release, from inside the box, to speak and to tell it as he saw it of the wrong doings in Libya and his call for just, law and tested system of governing is a cool wave in the hearts of every Libyan.

Much was said about ALFA, pros and cons -at times criticism was very harsh and encouragements were very little, but today and in a very short time, ALFA shines; it gave me touchable results of its mission. Some may see other things negative in ALFA but I am happy and am settled for what I saw!

I applaud its members' efforts and wish them all the success!


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