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Leave us Alone

The recent flood of articles in the Arab media about Libya should not lead us to believe that the Arab conscience has finally awakened to the dire conditions of the Libyan people under the dictatorship of the first of September. What bothers the Arabs these days is the fact that their idols and long held empty slogans has been fallen like dead leaves in a gloomy and windy Autumn afternoon. In fact, the Arabs do not care if Libya is burned to the ground as long as their illusions and swords are held high behind their microphones and shining screens. So don’t bother to read their condemnation of the Libyan regime, it is a bit too late and lacks any sincere concern for the plight of the Libyan people.

For three decades the Arabs have been behind the dictatorship, “One Arab Nation” shoulder-to-shoulder behind tyranny. No one seemed to smell the burning books or hear the prisoners of the 1973 speech, nor did any one seem to be bothered by the violent suppression of the student uprising that culminated in the first public hanging of Libyans since fascist Italy. And that was only the beginning of the blood bath that sunk Libya into the abyss.

The arduous years of the eighties brought the once proud Libyans to their knees. And no Arab seemed to notice. Public hangings of dissidents became an orgy of cruelty and vulgarity. Indeed, the dark side of man has been unleashed and human dignity perversely crushed. The banning of all forms of private commercial and service activity turned the once vibrant streets into a deserted space of decaying concrete in a crumbling society. No barber shop, no coffee shop, and no vegetable shop, everybody now has to wait for the empty and corrupted government shop. Sucking the life out of Libyans was done while the ruling clan managed to amass billions of dollars for its private pleasures and for the corruption of the Arab conscience, in one of the most outrageous robberies in the history of the petrodollar.

During the nineties the farcical aspect of the primitive play came to the surface and mingled with the international sanctions and the mass murder of political prisoners.

And no Arab bothered to notice. The dismal failure of the government shop and the existence of a huge black market that robbed the people of their limited resources forced the regime to allow the rehabilitation of the most basic form of the private shop. Libyan “merchants”, with their black-market acquired dollars, scurried in their flip flops to catch the ferry to Malta and brought whatever they could carry and resell in Libya. Meanwhile, cities and municipalities were told to find their own source of income to support their budgets. The barter system was suggested as an exchange system to meet the needs of each municipality. And the “green revolution” marched on with aid of the committees of purification, liquidation, indoctrination, anti-heretic, nuns of the revolution, etc.

So, as a Libyan stray dog, I cannot relate to the Arabs and their suspect humanity, nor could I resist my proclivity to bark and run away from their barn. Libyans are wounded and tired people who need time to lick their wounds and heal their shattered lives, so please leave us alone. If the Arabs are worried about the loss of the Weapons of Mass Destruction, we are not. What worries us is the loss of our lives at the hands of the Weapons of Mass Murder that rule Libya now. If the Arabs are worried about an American hegemony over Libya, we are not. Instead, our main worry is weather the American hamburger, which we would love to eat, is contaminated with the Mad Committees Disease.

S. M.

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