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Dakatera Again...

Peace upon you too and upon all!

Dr. Abdulrahman, you either missed the point, didn't read the entire note or I, myself, failed to clearly spell it out. First, contrary to what you understood, I knew these doctors used their real names. Of the five names listed, I was schooled for several years with one of them and know another well. And yes, you are absolutely correct; there is nothing wrong with forming special interest group(s), especially when the efforts and activities render benefits, of any kind, to our people. Also, and I gathered that from your note, you seem to agree that what's meant by inserting "Only" in the first paragraph of the announcement is to exclude political discussions.

While we both agree on one's choice of whether to engage in a political discussion or not, the statement clearly met the interests of one camp but not the other. When we talk about Libyan politics we slice and dissect the way the country is run. Using the lingo of your profession, placing the stethoscope on the source of this particular illness, the Libyan illness that is, you hear nothing but Qaddafi and his cronies hacking and giggling, thus a well trained doctor will prescribe a fitted remedy and must give explanation on how the patient got ill and advice on what to do to prevent it, right?!

The point I was trying to make is that there was no need to use "only", all it did is, it stressed the "no political discussion allowed", something Qaddafi loves to see, don't you agree? You think political-agenda driven people may hijack the LDS web site and/or their meetings and steer it to such course. I say not! If it's that simple many issues around the world will see a quick change. LN&V has a section dedicated to such activities but its master, like Akhbar-Libya's and many others, have the upper hand on what gets published on their sites and what doesn't.

If anyone won't or can't see the chaotic health sector in Libya and its root causes, he or she is far removed from Libya or simply is a part of the cause. And if the cause is not addressed, anything else meant to help is a drop fi al-deloo!

What LDS is set to do is great and I wish them all the success but I do have an issue with the way their announcement was written.

Of the 4 reasons that prompted you to respond to my note; I like the forth one. I don't know about the clarification you attempted to give, but as to promoting health of any kind -should I expect anything else from a doctor?


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