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Mr Colonel Your Time Is Up

I watched on the Hedgehog Channel (El Ganfoud), the most watched in the world on Sunday evening the meeting of the Only Hawk and his Justice commitees. The only Lizard (sorry) Hawk was in form. He was still talking about how all other political systems are failing and how his way is working (I still do not understand what are his measures of outcome), how there is no need for a president or leader to run a country without explaining to the audience in what capacity he is talking to them and why they have to attend whenever he calls for a meeting, why he wants to put aside the wealth of the country against the wish of the people, why the money is not important to pay compensation for the Lockerbie victims family but it is important when it comes to pay for the Libyans and Libya. In brief he thinks that he made a deal with the US which guaranties him the rule of Libya for many more years.

In his delusions of grandeur he believes that he is an expert in all aspects of knowledge. Every where in the world the emphasis is on subspecialisation and the Colonel insists he can stick his nose in every aspect of our life with disastrous results, and when faced with the consequences his first reaction is well to blame everybody except himself. Arrogance not far from Pharaoh, Hamane and Karoun with the well known end!

Let me tell you something Mr Colonel, look around you and see the result of your corrupt regime and look back at the History of humanity that you are so keen on, you will find that the causes of collapse of all empires and states is corruption, economic failure and population anger things that are not alien to your current regime. If you believe that you outplayed the West well let me warn you that they will always ask you for more until your last coloured shirt (especially that you showed your colours with the first shout). I have a feeling that the next step will be more pressure on Human Rights, free elections etc. Any sign of dissent and they will show you the footage of your pal Saddam with the nightmares that come with it.

Mr Colonel your time is up and whatever manoeuvre you are trying are futile. The only way of ensuring a quiet retirement is by reconciling the Libyans and not by trying to keep the "Kingdom" in the family. Anyway the history of tyrants tells us they will never give up power willingly and that in a certain way is good because one day we will be in a position to hold you accountable for all your atrocities and I sense it not very far, God willing.

Shishank 03

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