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Between The Fifth And The Fifth Column...!

The Fifth Amendment of the USA's Constitution allows individuals to keep mum for the purpose of not indicting themselves. Thus "taking the Fifth" basically became synonymous with keeping one's peace for fear of getting him/herself in deeper troulbe than where they were.

Fifth Column a highly loaded political and likewise controversial cultural term was said to have originated in the Spanish Civil War back in the 1930s. The term referred to those people in Madrid who gave aid and support to the forces led by Francisco Franco in his uprising against the Spanish Republic (1936-1939). Now , refers to any group who gives aid and support to the enemy.

Between SILENCE and SHRILL where the real what to be done resides. It's true the lines are blurred, the issues are deep and far in between, and the dedication is almost non-existing! Bleak, indeed! Why? Anger and despair. The exageration mixed with a good deal of an acute sense of parannoia gave way to an erroneous way of looking to things, to the world. The civilizational failure was attributed to outside forces rather than the failure of man as such amongest us. The failure of the post-colonial state's project in the last half-century or so was seen as a religious failure and, therefore, its redemption can only come through religion. Lack of imagination, intellectual backwardness, and no sense of history were behind such an aberrant interpretation of events.

The poverty of the land gave way or generated the poverty of the mind. Desert begts desert! All product of a culture which lacks a proper sense of the tragic. Consequently, beards and turbans became symbols of people incapable of contemplating man as man and such know no other way of defining themselves. Where the mind is incapable of reflecting upon itself, and thus conceptualizing, it dealt, out perhaps of its own bewilderment, in literal intepretation and immediate concerns. The rituals of daily live, among such people, smother the imagination and left the future looking like the only thing they pretend to know: the past!

Most of the actions of the so-called opposition leave a lot to be desred. Basically sucking up to whoever willing to use them for a minute! The writing is repititious to nausea. Piling up the same turd on the same thug for the last one-third of a century! And whenever some individual or a group ventures to foretell the future, it comes out in the form of a menu or wish list. Scavenging sound bites, slogans, and pure lies from the Western media as their objectives. What are these objectives: democratic and fair societies. How those goals to be reached is left to the imagination. Or, in accordance with the folktales' wisdom to the magic of a Superior or even super Power!

Back to the Fifth and Fifth! The distance is as far apart as God from this earth! Those who sparge good intentions have to know that the road to hell is paved with them. If the sound bites seem innocouos it's because they're abstractions on top of out of context. And when the idea seems too grand ask for the detail, since that's where the devil built his nest.



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