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Concerning ALFA

Salam to all,

Make no mistake about it; if the Americans ever decided to force Gaddafi, one way or another, to leave power, they will be doing it for their own interest. That is absolutely normal and everything, by default, is based on this assumption and nothing is wrong with that. Anyone who thinks differently is fooling himself. The question is; are we going to be in a better or worse situation if that ever happens? In my opinion, we would be so much better. If the Americans go for their interest and we find that our interst has been served as well, then what is the problem.

Setting back and repeating empty slogans is what made Libyans, and all Arabs for that matter, live in their misery for so long. I read the letter of Ali Lateef and others who sing the same song of attacking ALFA in the name of Arab dignity and all that nonsense. First of all, dignity, pride and the rest of the lyrics, by virtue, are individual characteristics and can not be acquired as a group characteristic. It is like this, you can find a Muslim person who has dignity and another who doesnít. We can not say about the one who doesnít that he is an honourable man because another Muslim is. The same goes for lower phyla, such as Arabs, Libyans and even members of the same family. One should not be so oblivious and just repeat what others are saying. Second, the issue of exposing the tyrant to others and seeking their help has nothing to do with dignity. It is purely an exchange of services. They help us get rid of this nightmare and we give them something back. Whatever we give in return, by our well, would still be less than what this idiot took already, and is still taking, without our well. I am certain that most of you disagree and mumble that if we have to get rid of Gaddafi, we should get rid of him on our own. Donít kid yourselves. Gaddafi has put his grip on the Libyan people so tight, that I donít see them one day going out and kicking his ugly behind out without help. For over 34 years now, he has been doing the unthinkable with Libya's affairs and the Libyan people have not organised even a single march against him, let alone, kicking him out. He stole all the money and used it for his playboy extravaganza. He screwed up the whole legal, educational and health system. He hanged people in public and made the rest of Libyan people cheer for that. The list goes on and on and you all know it. In heaven' s name, what dignity and pride you still have that you are afraid the Americans will take it away?

What ALFA is doing is a first step in the right direction, and I salute them for their efforts. Gaddafi has started to feel the heat, perhaps for the first time in his life, so don't spoil it. Mind you, he is one survival bastard and, as the Arabic saying goes, he knows from where the shoulder needs to be eaten, so we better wake up and watch out for his next move.

By the way, I am not a member of ALFA, so wonder no more about my motives of writing this.


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