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ALFA: Wrong Approach!!!

Alsalamu Alaikum

I am wondering on the approach ALFA is taking to contribute towards ending the Libyans suffering as they claim! Throughout the recent history the Americans have proven to be arrogant and selfish and don't know how to handle international crises correctly where justice is served for all parties involved. Let's take the Palestinians case as an example. What is the US current policy towards solving their problem? The answer is providing full military and economical support to Israel!! The Palestinian authority has compromised its principles and betrayed its people and ended up working as a police force for the Israelis.

It is the Americans, who are supporting the Israelis to materialise their dream of occupying Palestine. It is the Americans who are doing the killings in Iraq. It is the Americans who have been supporting all the dictatorships in our Muslim world. It is also the same Americans whom ALFA is talking to in order to make a change in Libya!!

Yes, we have to change the regime in Libya, but at what price? Come on guys, come up clean. We know who you are and what you stand for. You have been living in exile for ages, so what is the real purpose of forming ALFA at this critical time? Who is the driving force behind ALFA? Talking to Fox News is not an achievement that ALFA should be proud of. Everyone knows the Fox news and how it picks and chooses its interviewees to serve its hidden agenda. It is really pathetic to describe how Mohammed Buisier managed to convince the reporter who was interviewing him about Gaddafi's crimes “The reporter was horrified to hear of Gaddafi's bloody record, and, when a video tape showing public hangings in Libya, was produced, she was truly convinced”.

My advice to you is to end this so called active group because you are simply being used and will be abused by the same Americans who are right now supporting the dictators of Egypt and Morocco and very soon provide economic assistance to our common enemy, Gaddafi. We learn from history that change will take place in Libya and its destiny will be determined by Libyans only. Until this goal is achieved please do correct your approach.

Dr. Ali Lateef

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