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The Tribal Attitude

The Only Hawk soon to become the Supreme Politician and the One Who Never Faults is trying to sell us that well his ambition now is the welfare of the Libyans. His deluded mind is telling him that the Libyans are nice, simple minded people and they will believe him after 35 years of dictatorial rule, theft of the national wealth, public humiliation and plainly denying them their right in their country. Thirty five years of Lies, Deceit, Unnecessary wars, Ban on the freedom to protest, Restriction on movement, No freedom of trade, nationalisation of businesses, briefly a policy of total failure that nothing in recent history can be compared to.

No state in the world has been the subject of systematic destruction like Libya. A country of only 5 millions with an income on average of 15 billions US$ is left after 35 years. rule of an incompetent, corrupt, inept, uneducated, arrogant military junta on the bare bones. No education, health or infrastructure policies, total anarchy! and every now and then he pops out on TV telling us that is our fault! he has nothing to do with this mess and if there is somebody to blame well it is the Libyans. Arrogance that no leader in the world will dare to show publicly! The problem is that we let him do this to us, yes we are to blame, we let him rule for 35 years to the extent that even he, believed his lies. A disturbed mind that always promotes the opposite of what he does: talks about national unity and pushes or Tribalism, Arab pannationalism and disunity among arabs, socialism for the common libyans and capitalism for his tribe, fighting western imperialism and lying at the feet of the american waiting for a pat. Deep inside he does not give a toss about Libyans. He believes that he is where he is on merit: by firepower and who ever wants to challenge that, well he has to kick him out with firepower and what his son ALMUUTASEM said to the News Channel ANN few years ago (that his father got into power by the gun and whoever wants the power has to take it by the gun) is a perfect reflection on the attitude of the Dictator.

This view is reinforced by his recent actions when he saw the demise of Saddam Hussein. He feels he can fight the Libyans but believes he can't fight the americans and therefore he will surrender to the americans but try to trick the Libyans once more, it worked before why not again? However he seems to forget despite his interest in history that at the end the will of the people prevail and one day and I hope it is not far he will have to account for all the misery that the Libyans had to endure during all his dictatorial reign and then he will not be able to shield behind words like I am not president, I don't rule etc. Well Mr Colonel for us Libyans, your continual victims, you are the ultimate responsible for the long years of misery, your are responsible for the destruction of our beloved Libya, you are responsible for all the widows and orphans of the dead in Chad and elsewhere and as you know we are resilient and we will wait with the help of God Almighty for the right moment.

Shishank 03

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