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Dakatera! Lakin Fik-oonna Min Ha al-Sayasa...

In case you, dear reader, struggled to make sense out of the title to this piece, it simply translates into: Yes Doctors! But don't want to get into politics.

In its new announcement, the LDS (Libyan Doctors Society), can be viewed here: wrote the following:

"Announcement: The merger of Libyan Doctors society and Libyan Medical Association.

- With the help of Allah, the above said identities have merged into one. The new name shall be the LDS –Libyan Doctors Society. Our goals will be focused ONLY on professional and social matters. Our goals will also include linking doctors inside and outside Libya and help them with their needs in the medical area and in the examinations."

A reader, likely you and sure is myself, would take the word "only (faQaT)" and swim away with it in the pool of why-it-had-to-be-there.

In here, it seemed out of the must and of necessity! At least five doctors deliberated and came to a verdict to inject this awful word. They had to settle for "only" and put it in there instead of using "No political discussion of any sort"...because ‘no political discussion' will gave it away; like if ONLY didn't?! Was it to clear their conscious, or was it used so they won't upset Qaddafi's and his cronies? You ponder it... I believe they still can maintain their intentions of what LDS is all about. They can have full control of their charter in which LDS is set to operate by. They can do all that if they were to keep "only" out and not emphasize its present.

As much of a reason as I have for hiding behind a fake name when I write, I completely understand the concern of these Doctors not to get publicly and with their real names in politics. The choice of wording and the way the announcement was given is a notion to seek blessings by the government and the heck with who opposes it.

If they wanted to have their organization free of political discussion, these dakatera could have simply published their announcement without including "only" in it. They could have said: Our Goals will be focused on professional and social matters, etc.... "". No one can say they are into politics, work for or associated with opposition group(s), and, if they were to get drifted into political discussion by some members, they can simply re-steer the party back into the objectives of the said society. They can direct the objectives-strayed member to other places or simply tell him/her this is not part of our goals, thus find other places that might be suited for you. I think by doing so, doctors, medical professionals and even government personal inside and outside will be exited and are welcoming to such idea, for it shows the neutrality stance to both sides -pros and cons to the government. But choosing this kind of wording and carefully blacksmithing it to include "only or no politics" in this statement, these doctors showed us a clear denial of their people's sufferings that they are set, so they tell us, to help. One can even go further and say: purposely having "ONLY" in the announcement is a show of either their comfort with the current ‘politics' in Libya, to please it or even both.... I find it hard to accept that none of these dakatera flagged the attendees and said there is no need for putting "only" in the announcement.

A small reminder to these dakatera; it's:

Because of politics, you, dakatera, while your people are in dire need of your help, you practice your profession and offer help to others!

Because of politics and fear, ya dakatera, you made sure anyone and everyone seeks membership shall leave politics, I mean the misery of his people behind and look the other way!

Because of politics, ya dakatera, the health sector in your homeland is in chaos. And if you are happy with politics or it's the last on your plate and/or sincere of your offers, your help at home to the sick and to the needy comes far before helping any with social matters.

Because of politics and damn those politicians for the fake name I used to point this out!

Because of politics, you feared and saw the need of placing "only" in your statement.

You say concern for your home; how far is that from Fathi Aljhmmi's?

In its 2/2003 announcement , LDS put as a requirement, a membership fee of 25.00 Pounds/student and 50.00 pounds/Doctor, fees collected will go toward the maintenance of the web site and some printings... they said. Doctor Ighneiwa, bless his soul, initiated and has been single-handedly maintaining and paying the dues for this site for about 10 years, a service for us all like non other. I doubt the income he reaps from his profession is near the income making of any of these five doctors/ consultants let alone all of the five or more. In the new announcement and a year+ later, however, the fee is waived; it read: "the enrolment is open and free in the present time".

I doubt -I am confessing- the sincerity of some of these doctors. Hope one of them can elaborate on their intentional injection of "only" in this announcement and help me and possibly others understand or remove the doubt, otherwise, continue on -having your ka'ak and eat it too- but please spare us from the double-faced chameleons especially at this time!

While it pleases me to see Libyans organize themselves in any area to serve their people, I offer no apology for this note, for I am quite irked with what seemed to be a deliberate inclusion of "only"...If the like of these innuendos keep popping to us by Doctors, consultants, professors and academia, engineers, pilots, and all sort of professionals, you might as well burry your hopes for a better home 10 feet under!

- I would have sent this to LDS, had they also put their announcement on their WEB site, but they were in a hurry to sent it to Akhbar-Libya – a media outlet that opposes the regime in Libya, and still, a week later, no where to be found on their own..

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