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To Ibn-Aldardaneel

Dear sir

I am sorry I cannot write to you in Arabic due to technical reasons. I am also a Werfalli, and I am very proud of that, as I am proud to be an Arab Libyan. As a Werfalli, I am obliged to talk to fellow Walidian about the current affairs in Libya. I don't agree with your articles defending the dictatorship in our country. You are an educated, knowledgeable person, who possibly has a good idea about what is going in Libya.

The government in the hands of Al-Gadadfa is helped by scores of opportunists who care only about their own interests. We are not equal in Al-Jamaheria. You, me and other Libyans have no say about daily life in our country. You know that Gaddafi and his family control every thing.

Look around you in Benwalid Al-Aziza. After Oct 93, there was killing, deportation, expulsion from work and schools of many people in our hometown. How you could defend the digging of Alhaj Mohammad Masoud's grave. He was 95 years old, blind and could have been your grandfather. What is going in Libya is madness not a revolution that you and me should support. Look around you, there is destruction everywhere. No family values, prostitution to fit Algadadfas' desires, corruption and Tajheel.

I wish that you would choose another Pen Name instead of Gaddafi's name for our beloved wadi. Gaddafi hated werfalla and Benwalid from day one of his military coup 1969. Ashshaweesh Khalifa Ahnaish treated us as his worst enemies. Please wake up brother and be a real Werfalli and a great Libyan who will sell himself to the devil for few Dollars (Allah The Sustainer).

N.B: I don't agree with Mr Fouzi Al-Ourfiah but he is a real Benghazian and he is one of us. His family and himself well respected and does not need the recognition from any one. His Libyan Patriotism above all other means. I am very proud of him as Werfalli-Benghazian and above all as Good Libyan from good family. It's enough for him to be Fouzi Abdulhamid Alourfiah.

Saleh Mansour

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