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Is This The Democracy You Want?

To Mr. Khaeri Aboushagor

At first, I am not going to write too much about your article which is titled "The Transition From A Tyrannical State To Real Democracy" becasue that's exactly what we looking for and what we want BUT you use this nice title in a wrong way. Allow me to clarify that becasue its not only very important issue to know but also its a very sensitive problem you should keep in mind!

What was surprised me in your article that you consider what that lawyer (Mr Fawzi Abdelhamid) wrote as a something witty as well as they use logic and common sense ... etc and you want us to deal with this issue by real democracy and ... ...

First, and as all muslims know, Islam is a complete religion and there is no way to find any mis-understanding .... ... .. .

Second, this website "Libya Our Home" has alot of visitors and some of them are young and others live in non-islamic countries .... thos visitors may beleive what that lawyer wrote. Breifly, you should consider the mentality of all the visitors especailly ...!

Third, if we agree with that lawyer that there is no clear Aya about Al-Hejab, then probably tomorrow or after sometime that lawyer or anohter might be advised us to pray one time per a day or might be ... I hope you consider to what extent the sensitivity of this problem is?

If we do not attack that lawyer and people like him the Islam will definitely be dis-appeared soon since small issues, most of time, become too big if we do not stop them from the beginning. I really thank those people who attacked that lawyer to stop.

Please do not try to be the lawyer of that lawyer becasue your article started with good and nice tilte but the democracy is not allowed to discuss the fixed issues in Islam. Al-Hejab is inevitable for all muslim women and there is no way at all to find the oppisit


Should we use democracy to decide whether Al-Hejab is inevitable or not?

Finally, read what Mr. Abn Abi Muhammad wrote in his article "Al-Raddu As-Sadedu Ala' Fouzi Abdelhamid". Its complete and comperhensive response.

Wa La Hawla' Wa La' Qowata' Ela Be-Ellah.

M. Kafiear

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