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The Landlord Of Libya

The owner of the Land that is known as Libya has decided that he wants to increase its value and invited in associates. The problem is that there are tenants in this land that he could not get rid off. These paupers has been living in it for centuries and the Landlord (who by the way inherited the estate from his extremely rich father) was kind, by letting them live there for a while. However his kindness has a limit and recently he encouraged them to leave by offering them money that never came and pushing them to emigrate to the jungle of Africa, a place that he calls the Paradise on earth (which he would not sent his family).

He can't understand why these people are abusing his hospitality and he threatens them by stopping all his help: he will stop paying them for all the menial work that he generously offered them, he will stop selling them cheap food and most importantly he will eliminate anyone that will dare claiming a stake at the oil that is abundant in this desert land. He made it clear that these resources belong to him and only him as the owner of the land. The landlord does not like to share especially with these miserable people that he was stuck with. He is urging international specialists to advise on how to force them to quit. There are rumours that he is consulting Zionists, Turks, Nazis, Fascists for expert advice. Nonetheless new developments occurred that the Landlord felt threatened by a Big, Strong owner who had an eye on his estate! Our friend had no choice but offering a big chunk of his business otherwise the Big and Strong one will kick him out of business! and no one will help him, certainly not those miserable paupers,(why should they since he has been humiliating them for decades and showing them contempt).

As a spark of genius he also invited the Big and Strong to visit his house, he went further and vacated his bedroom and offered it to the bully. Our friend believes that there is no limit to his "flexibility "in order to preserve his "Kingdom". One problem that our Landlord did not envisage is the insatiable appetite of the Big and Strong!

As for the paupers, they are renowned for their resilience and they feel that they can wear down the Deluded, Paranoid, Coward Pseudo Landlord as their ancestors did in the past, and with the help of God almighty they one day will reclaim their land from him or his Heirs! Wa Inna Ghadan Linatherihi Qareeb.

Shishank 03

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