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It's All Hodge-podge ... Anyway You Look at It!

It's been observed, by those who follow human aberrations, that those who lack a sense of who they're, that's the enslaved, the oppressed, and the like, everytime they felt threaned they took refuge under the wings of a more powerful oppressor. This came to mind as one watched the further stooping by both sides, the dwarfed regime in Libya and its so-called opposition -notice, they're two sides of the same coin!- the one to the demands of their supposed nemisis and the other to more sucking up to the hawks of the neo-cons. One may ask how it happened that both sides are begging the same power(s) to come to their rescue?

The answer may come as simple as a rhetorical question. What's in there that prevents anybody of doing whatever their interests and/or survival require? If there's no sense of what constitutes a country, a state, or a community, then there's no way that can put a finger on what's meant by old notions -or new- of patriotism, nationalism, loyalty, etc. and in this total confusion treason loses its sharp edges and becomes a way of dealing with reality, coping with the contingent, in other words surviving. Again why is that?

Because the notions that time ago may have held the social edifice togther are no longer capable of doing their job. Notions of faith and religion, tribes and famliy ties are, since quite ago, more of ossified shells than working hypotheses! Anyone who watched Omar el-Mukhtar, in the "Lion of the Desert" and listened to his interrogations, in the cangroo court of the Fascits, would have felt some sort of let down, by the apparent simple answer to the question of why he did what he did, Omar's shot back "for my religion!". The anti-climax for a reverting two hours leaves one with the hanging question: was he aware of the world around him, even back then, and did he know that the Italians didn't give a hoot what faith one holds as long as accepts the subjugation? If invasion, occupation, and colonization, with all what went with them on a figure like Omar el-Mukhtar didn't make him realize that HIS struggle had nothing to do with what went on during the Middle Ages, but rather was a new kind of fight, between or among modern empires and states for what the Germans called "lebensraum" but in reality, was more blunder and pillaging and for extending their markets, consumers, and influence in a wolrd where borders, races, cultures, etc. had less and less relevance, and when values were subliminally transmitted and absorbed through the ether.

The point I'm laboring to make is, in the absense of a consensus of what a country is and what constitutes a way of life that's held dearer than life itself, there's no way to hold anyone to anything. The regime peddles its wares to gain little more respite until the next choke, and the opposition, well! continues begging to be liberated!

Wouldn't be more fruitful, in the long-run, to spend the little energy we've on what country we want to build and what way of life we'd like to have before we all go beserk and do all kind of good and nasty things until we'll find ourselves on the short shrift once more? What's the point of fighting for something not defined at all or is ill-defind? And why those who chose "the Pusuit of Happiness" as their vocation in life are so eager to extend their motto to other peoples who've no clue of what life is all about beyond the rhythm of the five-daily-prayers? Wouldn't Jan Jack Rousseau have scored some points -in the happy primitive savage- over the Unilatertists' self-appointed mission; in Kipling's words "the White man's Burden!" ; or, what the French, when they were still considered as Gauls rather than the "gallinas" they lately turned out to be: "La Mission Civilizatrice!"?

Until someone or other gives enough thought to what's worth fighting for why not everyone take a deep breath and let History, Nature, or the Big Kahoota take its course. Perhaps a break is all what is need to collect shattered selves and face ourselves in the mirror and ask the real question(s): What bu-m'erga wants? Thanks.


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