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Why Don't You Repent?

"Letters" here sound like they represent "LIBYA"; well guess what you are just one small group that should be called "dream catchers". I think you should pack and go home .You wanna know why? It is almost disgusting what some people that call themselves "opposition" are doing. They are immersed in betrayal so much they can't see anything right. I have to tell you this the Americans are friends of Libya now get over it. Come home and beg for forgiveness. You wished for the sanctions to prolong and stay and never cared what happens to Libyans. Is there a reason? You bet. You have American, British and Canadian passports and GOD knows what else. You did not need Our airports you fly from London, JFK and GENEVA and after 10 years when we finally got out of it you were pissed off and signed that shameful list.

Are you making sense? Hello you blame us for how much they asked us to pay? or for conviction of an innocent man? I have seen this a lot. You are mad and turn on us because you can not say any thing to USA.

You are so happy that France is blackmailing us. I might think some of you has already got his French passport and wants to loose the American one.

France is much dirtier then the US. Its cruelty dates back to the infamous Napoleon. who gave Israel the BOMB? and occupied the whole Western part of the Arabic home land and changed its identity and spread prostitution and atheism. Who stole African resources? who attacked Egypt 1956 and IRAQ 1991 after playing a dirty game of deception and win everybody until some body wins. And they always strike first. They did it again in IRAQ and I knew all the way. France is the master of hypocrcy and uses us to keep in the seen without real weight.

It is the family of the victims who turn out to be very greedy. They don't give a dame about their relatives. A white guy would sell his family for 100 bucks and now he asks for 10 million and they can't even admit it.

What the hell is wrong with you? you are a gang full of hatred mostly for personal ambitions and reasons and the rest are people who have been fooled or bought with a green card.

You can't find a single positive thing to mention about Libya. I drank from The GMMR water project and you still say it failed. All your stories are about corruption and destruction and you are even worse to yourselves than to us. You sank so law that you commit "qathf almuhsanat" and feel happy because someone who works in an embassy has his daughter sick.

We should bring on your files and your role models like Abdullah Abed and Ben Halim. The latter stole so much that when they busted him he had seven digits left over in Banks abroad in the sixties. Shame on you how unjust you are.

You wished a Libyan scenario like IRAQ; some of you in clear Bitchy style like fawzi the crazy old guy and some said well not exactly just a little bit.

What do you think Libya has not tried to do? welfare ? free health care? free education? stoping Arab brain drain? Industrialization? massive agricultural projects? Arabization of science? encouraging Quran and religion? Subsidized Food and cars and land and even subsidized pop. Military industrialization strong army building, support for every just cause from Palestine to Philippine. Support of Islam not with salafia and ikhwania and spreading skepticism in aqida like the Gulf scholars. But with real things money weapons training refugee mosques libraries every free man on the globe loves us we helped them and were there for them.

We are a small people and we don't have much money but we had the will of the knights.

You what are you? The leader made you ministers and ambassadors and you ate the bread and ran. You manipulated the young people and wasted their life and future while you sit there enjoying Pizza hut and MacDonald's. And you shall repent or die and come back.

Two crimes of October and Bab alazizia should take you to hell for good. We send students to USA and Germany and you send them back with weapons. What is more terrorism then that.

You call them martyrs? why didn't they die in ALQUDS. DO YOU NEED A MAP TO KNOW WHERE TEL AVIV IS? The funny thing is that you ask those people to fight the jews and they never do any thing but they kill us their Libyan brothers the guards of their leader!

You do what you do and say what you say I have learnt to love my country and religion from the prophet sira as I have studied it in schools written by our scholars whom the revolution gave a chance to do so. In those schools i learnt about justice of Omar and modesty of Abu baker. That religion coming later from the GULF is so shallow and evil and full of accusation and devision and weather God has a hand and a back or not how impolite and ridicules it was sick religion and stupid FIQH.

I was so worried about my country when you played with the hearts and minds of people in every mosque and when the hands of evil tried to stab Benghazi and Tripoli. Why? because we said no to the American master.

You might like Dubai and wished we were like it. What do you like in it? The Russian whores or the American whiskey or Banks of RIBA? or the tall stupid buildings which might shatter at the first financial shock or earthquake. The experts and the workers are Indian and white and they drive Ferrari without much education because only the poor Arab goes to MIT or UC Berkeley.

Your UAE has the oldest prostitution city I know of I think it is more ancient then Soho.

You want us to be Kuwait or Saudi or may be Qatar because you might get 70K there. Well you might get 70k in tel Aviv but how do that makes it a good country and a role model.

I keep the dream of the Arabized scientific eduction and an Arabic atomic bomb and freedom for Iraq and Palestine. I dream of the factory and the farm fighting the evil and infidel; what do you dream of? Liberal Western Crap? do you still believe it Alfa idiots?

I don't like your capitalism I dream of equality and no class society. I am proudly a socialist and aorist and Moumarist.

That is me. That is the voice of righteousness and clean conscience. Who hugs the west but the wicked; some like JAAKA who betrayed his country for a woman.

Time to repent. There is a lot to do for your country but this garbage and crap. The leadership and the revolution is there to stay and the Leader will continue the aim he set his life for the glory and eternity of the nation. I have met people from the five continents and they all know love and respect Mummer Qaddafi's voice because he says the truth no one dares to say.

You sound so cheap oh! good for you Perugia lost a game and you were so out of Muslim and Libyan character attacking an Arab Muslim girl the daughter of a brave Arab knight. What does her marriage has to do with any thing? she is brave and bravely attacked American arrogance and Israeli attacks. I can't hear a lot of people saying something like that and what does your artistic taste about eng saif Qaddafi has to do with what you claim. Why can't you see how much he works for Libya and Muslims?

Your "opposition" is like the flies that goes for the shit.

You know what Libya needs? University professors and qualified teachers and moral modest non greedy Doctors. We need more engineers in the industry and enterpuners to establish a strong private sector in every thing from tourism to biotechnology or may be nano electronics. Give this home a hand and open your eyes to the conspiracy against Arabs and Muslims.

My deep respect to the Iraqi resistance and for Izden Alqassam brigades the real men. Glory for our martyrs in the see and land and air of Libya who fought the American aggression the arrogance of NEW ROME.

I salute the Libyan teacher and the Libyan doctor and the simple Libyan waiter.

Down with traitors and idiots.

Fahad Ibrahim Ali Taguri

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