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Amal Camp 2003

The Annual Libyan gathering took place during its usual time, but this time the attendance was unusual, the number of people attending the camp exceeded 200. It was a record high. Arrival for the event began on Friday August 22. Jum3a prayer was preformed followed by a Bar B Q lunch. Later dinner was served, followed by a late night makaroona Mubukibka.

The rest of the guests arrived the next day. During that day, a very beneficial lecture was delivered about the historical Libyan postal stamps since the time of Ottoman to the present. There was also an exhibition of Libyan national items with postcards, pictures, and hand held items.

A large discussion was held saturday night between the youth and parents. This discussion revolved around creating a stronger communication link between parents and their children to allow for better understanding. The youth were very open and respectful throughout the discussion and the parents were happy to see different points of view. The youth group met shortly afterwards to discuss up coming activities and projects they will like to be involved in.

The camp site was equipped with many wonderful activities for a family, fun, atmosphere. Men and women had scheduled swim times in which they had the freedom and privacy to swim. Other activities that included a wide variety of age groups included volley ball, canoeing, soccer, kickball, and basketball. There was also 2 supervised baseball games for the children between the ages of 5 and 12. Overall, volley ball was the greatest success which included cheerleaders on the side rooting each team on.

The men took it upon themselves to keep the Shahi going throughout the weekend. They did an amazing job.

Planning for next year has already began. More activities will be added including Horseback riding and extra swimming time for the women. There will also be a couple extra activities specifically for the younger kids.

For anyone interested in staying at a hotel vs the camp site, a near by motel was discovered.

Amal Camp

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