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Heavenly Justice

"Good thing you are a foreign journalist... no one dares to ask me this kind of questions here in Iraq," replied Uday Hussain as he puffed his cigar....

I learned of the horror stories by this thug, his father and his brother from the media and from eyewitnesses who I had met over the years long before the war, but none hits home and touches me like the above statement. The statement confirms, my friends, we breed ruthless dictators and rulers who think they own their people, are above the law and who think absolute power lays only with them -ample examples all over the Arab world; we sure have our share in Libya. These people think and act like if they were Gods. In other media clip that showed their father walking the peacock walk in some Iraqi village. People were struggling (yedda-'kko) to win a kiss on his hand, among them an elderly man who lost his balance and got walked-on. I thought his kind of practice can be seen only in the presence of famous entertainers, stars and respectful people. In Iraq(*) , the driver is the shear fear.

Uday and Qusy are dead (fi 60 dahia) so we were told. Many celebrated the occasion and likely no one on earth had shed any tears on them; why? You can write volumes on answering that!

Speculations tell us that Uday's teenage son is one of the four found bodies. Knowing he is a goner, to death or incarceration, one would think, Uday, in his final moments, could at least safe the young boy... but again, it is never honey that drips from bo-zennan's rear end.

Around the world, people may disagree with the release of the photos of the Husains boys corpuses, but, if anything, these photos brought a bundle of joy to their victims... One can only imagine how many widows, children, fathers, mothers, loved ones and violated young girls have been waiting for this moment and what better way than showing the proof. The victims found relieve to their pain in these photos... No doubt, they are thanking God for, descending his heavenly justice and that's, my friends, what really matters!

But what if they were captured alive and brought to justice and the entire court proceedings were broadcasted for the world to see? What if the victims came face to face with them in neutral setting and spoke of the experiences? What if the relatives holding pictures of their lost loved ones allowed to spit on them two on camera? What if eyewitnesses were brought forth and freely described what the saw? What if prosecutors spoke of all of the atrocities carried by them in graphic details? What if the rest of the Arab world along with their demented rulers heard the verdict and watched the execution carried-out? Lots of what ifs my friends....... It would have been an invaluable lesson for the Arab masses... I don't think the idea escaped Mr. Ramsy and cuz wolf Wagdy. But again, only captains and not the passenger can sail the ship as they desire!

On our side of the mess: Does anyone know of whether or not the recent released statement on human rights by Qaddafi's charitable organization was published in the local media in Libya or was it released only for the outside-the- box consumption?

(*) I recommend reading "Republic of Fear", by Samir al-Khalil.

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