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The Same Old Gaddafi

The Colonel, the leader, the only hawk, the architect of the great man made river (which turned out not so great), the advocate of pan-Arabism, the advocate of the African Union, the one who stands against American imperialism, the supporter of all revolutionary movements did, well what all Libyan knew for decades: chickened out.

As always when the goings get tough he gives up before the first blow, he has not the guts for even a political fight. Lets look at his history it will confirm that he is only talk and no deeds. His only victims are the Libyan people following the Arabic saying : Lion on me and ostrich on the enemy. Remember in the early eighties when he pledged to go and fight with the Syrians and Palestinians (I hope that they did not rely on him) if the libyan did not support one of his crazy decisions? or the" train of death"? Here he is inviting the "train of death" to invest in Libya and ready to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, themes he spend more than 30 odd years hammering us to fight and spent millions on God knows how many dodgy organisations. The cost in Libyan resources and more importantly lives was unbelievable. We did not forget his deluded ambitions of conquest in Uganda and Chad. His adventures in Gafsa (Tunisia), Sudan ,Liberia, Philippines, his deadly terrorist acts first and foremost against Libyan civilians (Libyan airline flight from Benghazi to Tripoli in 1993).

However; we Libyans always knew that he was a coward shielding behind money, gunpower and tribalism. The first sign of his cowardice was after the American raid on Tripoli and Benghazi in 1986, he went into one of his "spider holes" well known to his co-tyrant Saddam Hussein and changed his rhetorics against the Americans since. He changes his principles like he changes his coloured shirts, he is only interested in staying in power for as long as he can. Now he is trying to sell us the idea that he outplayed the West and what he did was a master stroke in political terms but I firmly believe that he bought himself only some time as if he is not thrown out by the Libyan people the west will force him to free elections with international observers and they will be encouraged by his recent squealing under pressure.

I urge the free Libyans to lobby in all the world for free elections in Libya: American congress, British parliament ,European Union and United Nations. We have to pubicise the plight of the Libyan people. The Libyan people will only be happy if this corrupt regime is gone, to concentrate on growth, education and prosperity as this is only achievable in a democratic, pluralistic, accountable, transparent system based on our cultural and religious characteristics. There is no place for a self centred, deluded, ruthless ,deified leader who believes that only he who holds the truth, and without him the country will collapse. Well Mr Colonel your time is up, go peacefully or you will be paraded on TV shocked in disbelief, hagard, humiliated when no one except God can help you.

Shishank 03

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