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ALFA ...

In the early eighties, a friend invited me to a fund raising party that was organized by and for the Palestinian community in Chicago. There was food, live music, dancing and some speeches. In this party, I noticed a man in his late sixties accompanied only by his son. He was short and skinny little guy, while the son looked like he was in his late thirties and was well fed. Because the two seemed to look more European than Middle Eastern, they drew my attention. I leaned over to my friend and asked if they're Palestinians. "No, that is Mr. Rothstein" he answered. "oh, really...I will buy two more tickets for the cause if you get the old man to dance to the song of "waen 'a ramalla" I told him. "Tell you what...I 'll get his son too" he answered. He sure did. The two man held hands, joined the rest and danced the step-in and step-back famous Shami dance. Some time later the PLO flag joined the dancers. I, digging for more entertainment, turned into my friend and asked him get the old man and his son to dance again and hold the flag and I will get yet two more tickets. And won't you friend took it even further, he wrapped the old man in the flag and had him dance two full songs with a smile while our third friend on the same table took few pictures.

It turns out a large number of the attendees in this gathering were shopkeepers in the Chicago area and the old man, yes you guessed it, was the Philip Morse agent. He was their merchandises supplier -from tobacco to bubblegum and everything in between. Wow! I told my self, what an expertise of stacking priorities.

Friends, the ideal solution to our mess in Libya is for Qaddafi to come to terms and acknowledge his mismanagement of the country, bring capable and qualified people to lead and manage the affairs under a predefined and agreed upon law. But since this option proved to be very remote and until the like of Omer Bin Al-khu-Tab knocks on our doors and assume the seat of governing us, I won't hesitate to hook my hand with any Karazai that steps to the plate and convinces me the wrong doing he/she would do will be far less than the current Karazai's!

Alfa and the whole world may not be able to sway the decision-making machine in Washington one way or another but tin knocking and noise making at the bottom of the pyramid are sure step better than setting idle!

Because uncle Sam is also an expert on priority stacking, the removal of Qaddafi seem to be too far of being placed in the queue, but if we miraculously get lucky and uncle Sam's hat gets waved and demands that Qaddafi must go, the use of force by al-'amm Sam is unlikely, for Qaddafi not only lacks what it takes to gamble but he sure knows a little sneeze by uncle Sam and he will be thrown like a tumbleweed beyond Tebesti mountains!

I am in support of any efforts that will contribute toward positive change, as long as no further harm gets inflected on my people in the process, be it Alfa, Beta or what have you!


- Karazai Libya, a new term recently surfaced in the wake of ALFA's birth; little do we know that there is a hidden little Karazai in almost every one of us.

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