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Libyan Americans Demand Constitutional Democracy
In Libya As A Pre-condition For Improved Us-libya Ties

Gaddafi has proven that he is willing to mortgage Libya’s wealth to purchase a few more years on the throne of Libya. He is utterly irresponsible, wasting billions of dollars to gain acceptance and forgiveness by western powers. Although billions of dollars were spent to pay for forgiveness of the Americans and the French, the U.S. government still insists on maintaining its economic sanctions against Gaddafi. The US administration insists that Gaddafi transform his regime, from tyranny to a transparent constitutional democracy. This is precisely the demand of Libyan Americans, who insist that our current and future US administrations adhere to our demands that any normalization of a US-Libya relation is conditional on a visible and verifiable change toward democracy.

Libyan Americans have worked hard over the years to educate their political representatives on issues related to Libya’s suffering under Gaddafi’s tyranny. Those Libyan Americans have lobbied members of Congress, Senate, State Department, and the White House to formulate a policy demanding Libya’s transformation to democratic government, based on the rule of law. In several previous letters that I had published on different Libyan web sites, Libyan Americans were urged to establish strong ties with their political representatives, and to inform them of Libya’s plight and suffering under Gaddafi. It is critical that all of us engage in lobbying efforts to promote the ideals of democracy and the rule of law in Libya, and not to grant reprieve to Gaddafi. A national conference is planned in Washington, D.C. that will bring Libyan American activists and members of the US administration to discuss US-Libya future relations. Invitations will be sent in due course to various political US agencies to encourage their active involvement and participation in the upcoming conference.


Mohamed M. Bugaighis, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

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