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Follow Up To The Subject Of Libyan Doctor In Canada

Salam to all

Obviously the level of intelligence of some people is at the threshold where they can not discriminate between logic and absurdity. I read what some people wrote in response to my letter to the Libyan doctor in Canada and I just couldnít let go the misunderstand those guys have shown. My arguments against the letter of the Libyan doctor were as follow:

  1. He argued that the cultural advisor in Canada is stupid and that he prevented him from getting a job in Canada. I simply told him that I could not see any way the cultural advisor might be able to do that and I still think the same thing. As for the stupidity issue, my point was that, due to all of the nonsense points this doctor argued with, he failed to show better intelligence than the cultural advisor and that is a shame. As I indicated before, I donít know this cultural advisor guy and he might be as stupid as this doctor said and I already said that, so I hope we donít prolong this argument. In fact I am not expecting him to be even remotely smart, otherwise he wouldnít be working for a scumbag like Gaddafi.

  2. He argued that he couldnít work in Libya, because it doesnít have enough equipment and I explained to him how that shouldnít be the issue.

  3. The last point, which pissed me off the most, is when he called for help from his leaderís son. This is hypocrisy at its most and I truly despise that. He basically was saying that, we can not work in Libya because of how Gaddafi missed it up and how his pimps are making our life miserable any where we go, yet he was crying for his sonís help. The same goes for Libyans4Libya fellow when he cried for the Gaddafiís foundation help to solve the same of Libyan doctorís problems. What in Godís name is the matter with you people? How can you be so hypocrites that you would excuse yourselves to do anything or go very low in order to get what you want? Coming from doctors, who are supposed to posses high morals makes it even more irritating. Leader what and foundation what you are talking about guys. By doing that you are giving those brainless dorks and scumbags of the earth some legitimacy that they donít deserve. So, please stop this nonsense.

As for you Libyan Canadian, hypocrisy seems to have shaped your brain nicely. Let me give you a taste of that in your article. In your letter, you were talking to us but at the same time, you were hinting to the cultural advisor that you know him and he knows you. If you were certain that he knows who you are, why didnít you write under your real name? The rest of us wouldn't care if we knew your name. If anything, we would salute your bravery of doing that, so who else you are hiding from? Of course, I am not asking you to do that, but it is just bizarre and ridicules that you are doing. You are trying to hit two birds with one stone. In one hand you are trying to intimidate him by pretending that you know him and that you are exposing him in this public site. On the other hand you want to save your behind just in case you need his unholy services. So, in spite of all the religious phrases you used, I think hypocrisy is rooted in your brain. Get real man. Take my advice and try to get rid of this ridicules attitude. It is not a pathological disorder and I assure you, you could get rid of it if you refrain from exercising it all the time.

Libyan Man

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